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Landscapes in Fauvism

From last weeks sepia tones, I’m jumping right into bright surreal colors using abstract presentation or better known as fauvism. The style dates back to the early 20th Century with French painters. For more information – Wikipedia/Fauvism.

The prints represent landscapes as subject matters, from New England, Colorado and the Puget Sound. So I’ll work my way from east to west.

This first one is a seaside resort in Bar Harbor, Maine near Arcadia National Park.

Next we move down to Boston. This scene is the pond in Boston Public Gardens famous for the swan paddle-boats. Boston Public Gardens is located next to Boston Commons and is well renowned for their numerous flower gardens. 

Heading west, we find ourselves on Lake Dillon in Colorado. The first one is the marina on Lake Dillon with the second one the other side of the lake. We go from numerous boats docked to a single speedboat and sailboat enjoying the serenity of that side of the lake.

And last but not least, Friday Harbor on San Juan Island off the coast of the state of Washington.


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