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Bougainvillea in the Courtyard – Featured Art Print

For today’s featured art print, I chose a print I completed just last week titled “Bougainvillea in the Courtyard”. It’s from the same photo shoot I mentioned in my last art print feature with The Spanish Fountain. The style I used on this print is an impasto oil technique that emphasizes bold brush strokes and bright colors. The bold brush strokes create texture and dimension to the print. The bright colors reinforce the color of the flowering plant life, the brick and stucco of the courtyard. The bright flowers from a Bougainvillea are so striking, so in creating this print, I wanted to stay true to the brilliance of the color. I also liked the presentation of this scene. You have the hint of the courtyard in the left part of the print, with the Bougainvillea dominating the right half. It becomes the focal point of the as the delicate blooms of color pull your eye around the entire print. Because of this movement, you become aware of further depth in the scene. The elements work together as you study the scene further. You notice the way the trees provide a backdrop to the setting and a canopy over the courtyard. Your eye notices the brick pavers of the courtyard merging into the hint of a wooden bridge. Where does that bridge go and what does it go over? You are teased with a hint of a large beautiful courtyard, but get just a portion of the whole thing. The side of the courtyard in this scene does create a sense of beauty and peace representative of the entire courtyard. I hope you enjoy the print. Thoughts?

I invite you to come into the gallery to view the collection in Gardens.

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Book reading in Hudson, Iowa

Just wanted to share…my stepmother wrote a book about her life growing up in Germany during WW2. She self published over a year ago and has been busy ever since doing book readings and signings around the midwest. I encouraged her to start a blog….

Anneliese Heider Tisdale

Stationary Header 2

I wanted to thank everyone involved in putting on the book reading last week at the Hudson Public Library in Hudson, Iowa. I also wanted to thank all that were in attendance. I was honored by the support and moved as more and more chairs had to be brought in.  The 7:00 PM reading went well, with a question and answer session and book signing afterwards. There was a nice reception following with refreshments interrupted only by the tornado sirens. After all it is Iowa and it is that time of year. Again, thank you for supporting my book, Christmas Trees Lit The Sky and allowing me to tell my story of growing up in Germany during World War II.

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Cactus Blooms – Excerpts From a Photo Shoot

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed driving into our community that the cactus planted in the common areas were starting to bloom. We are literally just a couple of blocks from open desert, so I thought it’s hiking time for a photo shoot to see what I can find. I have attached four of the shots from that expedition of the cactus I found in bloom. The color is incredible!

Cactus Bloom 1

Cactus Bloom 1

Cactus Bloom 2

Cactus Bloom 2

Cactus Bloom 3

Cactus Bloom 3

On Cactus Bloom 3 – notice the faint hint of a cobweb between two of the plants and then again in the lower left hand corner.

Cactus Bloom 4

Cactus Bloom 4

I’ll share some of my other finds from that hike in a later post. Thanks!

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A Photo Shoot “A Man, His Kayak and His Dogs”

I was going through my library of photo shoots today and came across this series….seems like a great time of year to stop and remember warmer days since most of the US is either in a deep freeze or getting snow….from the Pacific Northwest I give you a couple of quick fun shots. The setting is summer time in Lake Union which is just north of downtown Seattle.  I call this a dedicated man to kayak with his dogs…please note there are three dogs on the kayak….If it brings a smile to your face…my work here is done:)

A Man, His Kayak and His Dogs

A Man, His Kayak and His Dogs

A Man, His Kayak and His Dogs

A Man, His Kayak and His Dogs

A Man, His Kayak and His Dogs

A Man, His Kayak and His Dogs

Thanks for letting me share what I thought was a fun series of prints……

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A Photo Shoot: The Olympic Peninsula

Last week I posted some of the results from my photo shoot on the waterfront in downtown Seattle. My focus was the Seattle Great Wheel and I was very pleased with a number of the shots that I got. This week I wanted to post a few shots from that same photo shoot, but these shots are a series I captured by my wife politely nudging me to turn around and pull out my telephoto lens. When I did turn around, I wasn’t so sure but changed lenses and began to shoot. I am so glad I did. The first picture is to give a reference point of the location I was standing….waterfront, downtown Seattle.

The Waterfront in Downtown Seattle

The Waterfront in Downtown Seattle

I am standing on a pier and by simply turning around and pointing the camera (with the telephoto lens) across the Puget Sound, I got the following pictures.

Bainbridge Island in the foreground….

Bainbridge Island in the foreground across Puget Sound.

Bainbridge Island still in the in the foreground.

DSC_0197bThis shot includes the Seattle side of the water with the sail boats docked to the north of downtown region.

The visual impact of the Olympic Range is definitely heightened by the use of the telephoto lens, but does remind us of the incredible beauty that sits just to the west of the Seattle area between the Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean.

As I work through the shoot and evaluate what I have, some of the shots will find themselves transformed into paintings and black and white photography, while others will stay color photographs.

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Urban Architectural Elements 2

As a follow-up to last weeks post, I wanted to share another series of art prints and the difference the media makes on them. This series I call “Looking Up”. It’s from downtown Seattle and is exactly what I call it….looking up. The first picture is the original shot.

Just like the “Street Corner” shot from last week, the original stands on its own. Now let me take it to a black and white shot.

The black and white brings another element to the picture. Without the color, the lines and contrast carry the picture. This type of black and white (using a skyscraper) is similar to a series I did for a business in San Diego. That series used all black and white photography of San Diego landmarks and highrises. They were framed using a white matte and black frame. It fit the “urban chic” of that particular office suite.

Using an abstract watercolor technique now gives that same shot a completely different look. I’ve brought the color back into the equation and actually made it a focal point. Again, this type of style would fit a contemporary, modern office environment.

So let’s move to oils….

We keep the color and the lines, but add the depth of large brush strokes. This type of art print would fit the more traditional office decor.  It makes a very a very bold statement while staying true to form.

Let’s now take it to the old world feel…..

The blue tones are about the only thing left in common with the impasto style. The gothic style of oil painting gives it an old world look and with the strong brush strokes again, bold. This type of art print would look good in an urban office that has a very traditional, classy and warm decor.

Let’s pop it up a notch…..

Just like last weeks post, the Fauvism style of oil painting takes more liberties with an abstract style and becomes a crossover between traditional and contemporary.

As you can see, the media used does impact the final presentation of the art print and the decor the print ultimately compliments. Thoughts or impressions?

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I just opened a new gallery on my web site called Inspiration.  I have been creating a few of my art prints with some of my prayers and biblical quotes. I then felt moved to actually do a gallery with inspirational quotes using my art as a back drop. I am a man of faith and am very spiritual and philosophical…that said, I use the Bible as my reference point. I like to look at different versions of the bible to get one that talks to me in as plain of english as possible. If a quote comes to mind, I start thinking of which picture that works with. Sometimes it works in reverse….I think of a picture and try to figure out what type of quote goes with it. This first picture was the watercolor inspiring me and looking for a matching quote. In this watercolor I see a very quiet relaxing inspirational space. A very “zen” space which is often sought out for refuge from the daily grind. That train of thought led me to Psalm 62:8.

A very peaceful and serene scene!

The next step is to place the quote on the picture and pick the font. Sounds easy enough, but I need to make sure to keep the balance in the picture and that the quote doesn’t get lost and is easy to read. Again, sounds simple enough, but in a few of the oil paintings I had to “doctor” the area of the quote so the type wasn’t lost in the busyness of the background.

Next is one of my favorites. I love the picture…it’s of the mountains around North Bend, Washington. This picture definitely drove the quote. I keep reminding myself on a daily basis the power of faith and this quote comes to mind all the time! As I was painting this particular picture, all I could think of was the “faith” quote. To me it was the perfect fit.

The quote from Matthew is a very powerful statement. Again, from my perspective this watercolor and the quote are a perfect match.

The next one was a prayer of mine seeking a picture. I feel really strongly about quieting the mind so we may hear the voice of the Lord. It’s a real challenge for me frankly, because the moment I stop to quiet myself….my mind goes into overdrive. I was going through my portfolio looking for a print that speaks “quiet” to me. When I came across this scene, I was struck with the complete stillness of an early morning fog.

The next example was prayer inspired. I accept the many blessings we are given and am constantly in awe of the timing of events.  I am truly a blessed man. In one of my philosophical moments with myself, I was having this mental debate about blessings past and future….totally missing the main point…the blessings of the moment…being in the moment and appreciating what you have at this point in time. I remembered this sunset watercolor and found a fit.

The last example was a picture looking for a quote. I love this watercolor. The lighting on the docks by each boat always draws my eye in to see if anyone is coming or going. I found what I was looking for in Psalm 143:8.

Thanks for letting me share as I open a new gallery. I invite you to check out the rest of the art prints in my Inspiration Gallery and as always invite you to explore my main web gallery: The Wall Gallery.

The Mountain

Are you very good at setting goals or objectives for yourself? I think if you talked to most people, you would get a mixed response. Some people would think about their New Years resolutions as their goals or objectives. Sales people would talk about their monthly, quarterly or annual production goals. A business owner would talk about his business plan and level of growth he has projected for the business. Then there is the person who has carreer aspirations and sets a goal or objective of what and when they want to attain the next level of responsibility. In one way or another almost all of us set goals and objectives for ourselves. How seriously do you take your own goals and objectives? Are you paying lip service to someone or just going through the motions? How committed to them are you? What chance do you honestly give yourself in accomplishing them?

I am use to working with goals and objectives in business as that has been my entire life. So goal setting for me on many levels seems just a natural course of life. But let me ask you, If you knew that no matter what goal you set for yourself, you could attain it, would your goals change? Think about that….if you really, really believed that you could attain whatever goal or objective you set and you did…would you re-think your goals?

Ok, I’m going more spiritual here than physical, so I’m not going down the road of material wealth….I’m going down the road of our spiritual gifts and using them. I think we short change ourselves out of fear of failure. I believe God has given each of us a set of gifts unique to each of us. I would challenge each of us to devlope those gifts and put them into service. That concept leads me back to Mark 11 vs. 22 – 24 (New Century Version) “Jesus answered, “Have Faith in God. I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, ‘Go, fall into the Sea.’ And if you have no doubts in your mind and believe that what you say will happen, God will do it for you. So I tell you to believe that you have received the things you ask for in prayer, and God will give them to you.” and Matthew17 vs 20 –  “Jesus answered, “Because your faith is too small. I tell you the truth, if your faith is as big as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. All things will be possible for you.”

This is really a very powerful statement. Just think what we are being told. If we have faith all things are possible. Faith being the key! I’ll stop on that note because it really is worth some time to reflect, the message is that powerful. I would add as a personal side note…all my prayers are done specifically asking for “His” will to be done. Food for thought!!

"The Mountain" A watercolor fromKirt's main gallery ""

Titled “The Mountain” by Kirt Tisdale from his “Wall Gallery


If you are reading this, then it’s safe to say you are on a journey. If we are living and breathing, we are all on journeys. We are all walking our own path of life. We are often joined by family and friends as our paths intertwine, but ultimately we are on our own individual path. Are we alone on that path? No, we are never alone. He is with us always, hand in hand when we reach out or patiently waiting when we don’t acknowledge him. I liken it to a path we all take as we go through life. Like this picture there are times the path seems clear, beautiful and inviting. Other times, not as clear, not as beautiful. We really do not know where our journey will takes us as we live our lives, but again we are not alone.  He walks with us on our individual journey never venturing off.  It is we who venture and get off the path He has given us. Like a little kid looking into a candy store as we walk by. Oh…I want to go in…look at all of that candy as we run in the door. He waits patiently for us to rejoin him.

When the path looks like this picture, we feel in control and know where we are headed. When you walk through the arbor, do you see what’s ahead or what is next? Suddenly, we don’t feel so in control and begin to wonder and doubt. When the path takes you through unfamiliar territory, remember you have a walking buddy…you are not alone!

The Garden Walk

The Garden Walk is a watercolor I did and can be found in my Landscape Gallery on my Main Art Gallery.