Climate Pledge Arena – Seattle

Hockey anyone?? I go from digital art styles to hockey in this post? Hello, Kirt…what’s up? Let me start back in 1962 (ok I was a young pup back then, but hang on…) when the worlds fair was here in Seattle…thus the infamous Space Needle and the surrounding area became the site of that event. As part of the fair, an indoor arena was built and after the worlds fair, the arena was taken over by the city to house entertainment venues. Ok, let’s fast forward to 2018 when the arena was being deconstructed down to the bones and being re-built primarily to house the new hockey team coming to Seattle. During that process my wife and I were lucky enough to get an on-site tour by our son-in-law of the facility as it was being re-constructed. He works for a large commercial construction company that was very involved in the re-building of the stadium. It was literally bare bones with the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system being installed. You rarely get to see that type of a structure in that status up close and personal. We found it very fascinating and surreal.

OK, the purpose of the re-construction was to create a home for the new hockey team. The new team is called the Kraken (The team’s name comes from the mythical kraken of Scandinavian folklore and its resemblance to the native giant Pacific octopus, which is found in the waters of the Puget Sound, near Seattle). Ok, now we are in the present time frame and after having moved up here, we were anxious to go to a Kraken game and see the finished arena. We had that opportunity a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to share some captures of the new arena now called Climate Pledge Arena. When we entered the arena with our son-in-law and daughter for the game that night our minds were blown away. The name of the arena is a serious commitment as is apparent with the photos.

This part of the arena has a “live wall” to support the “Climate Pledge”.

This wasn’t anything I ever expected to see in an indoor arena.

And of course I must share the actual hockey arena when we went to our seats to watch the game.

Oh yes….we won!!


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16 thoughts on “Climate Pledge Arena – Seattle

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      It was so beautiful and having seen it stripped down to the level we saw it earlier was mind blowing how stunning the finish product looked. We have only gone to one other hockey game and that was in your current neck of the woods….Arizona Coyotes. We enjoyed going to the game because it is so fast and constantly going. We are die hard football fans, but that action doesn’t move at a pace like hockey!!

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      We are die hard football fans and don’t follow hockey as much…..but because of this stadium and the fun of these games in person (the pace is so fast)….we will be going to some more!! Thanks for stopping by!! Our son-in-law had told us how focused they were on the environment, but didn’t truly register until we saw it in person!! That live wall blew me away….I had no idea it was even there.

  1. Diane Henders

    Oh, wow! I love the ‘live wall’! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all large public buildings had that? It would be very interesting to learn about how it was constructed, and how it’s maintained.


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