Hot Air Balloons in Abstract Style

I not only love flying in hot air balloons, I love the look of them. I’ve done a number of posts over the years on them and today’s post is of a couple different abstract techniques I used depicting them.

The first one was created using a fauvism (Fauvism: a style of painting with vivid expressionistic and non-naturalistic use of color that flourished in Paris from 1905) technique. This technique uses abstract shapes and variations of colors to create a unique look. The event is the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival in Avondale, Arizona (Phoenix metropolitan area). The balloon envelopes are inflated in the early morning hours for flights and races. After that series of events, the balloons are deflated until the evening hours when the envelopes are again inflated, but this time they stay on the ground. As evening turns into night with the darkening sky, the balloon operators shoot large flames up into the envelope of the balloon illuminating the brightly colored balloons.

Hot Air Balloons Night Festival In Abstract

Using a minimalist watercolor and drawing technique of the same evening event is the next one.

Night Glow Hot Air Balloons In Abstract

Then using that same technique depicting a single hot air balloon preparing for a day time flight.

Fully Inflated

Thoughts? As I have said before, everyone reacts to visual art techniques and looks differently, so I am not in the least offended by opinions. 

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14 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloons in Abstract Style

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Hard to go wrong with hot air balloons….they are so beautiful on their own merit!! I like the texture and abstract approach from the fauvism technique! Thanks for the feedback!!

  1. D. Wallace Peach

    Beautiful, Kirt. The first one really dazzled me. I loved the contrast in size between the balloons and the crowd. It makes them look immense. I was going to travel to Albuquerque to see the balloons in October but will end up going sooner. Someday…


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