Watercolor Dahlia Macros

Last month I shared my photo shoot of large Dahlia Blooms. Using the macro captures from that shoot, I applied a soft watercolor technique recreating them into paintings. The blooms are still impressive, but with a softer look.

Dahlia Bloom Of Soft Red And White
Dahlia Bloom Of Soft Bright Pink, Yellow And White

Dahlia Bloom Of Pink, Yellow And White
Dahlia Bloom Of Soft Yellow

Thoughts? As I have said before, everyone reacts to visual art techniques and looks differently, so I am not in the least offended by opinions. 

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35 thoughts on “Watercolor Dahlia Macros

      1. Americaoncoffee

        You are welcome Kirt. Art is so therapeutic, I love to create in many ways, that are too numerous to mention. One thing for sure, I can never be as creative as you are.

      2. Americaoncoffee

        With pleasure Kirt. If it were not for art, I would not have a sound mind. 🤪 thanks for the therapy!

  1. Gill Morris

    Beautiful! The effect makes the flower in the foreground pop out of the image. Lovely creation! Hope you are well Kirt! 🙂


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