The Hawaiian Gazebo: Before and After

I want to start this post with clarifying that everyone sees “art” differently and we all have certain preferences when it comes to visual appreciation. I say this as it does not offend me when someone doesn’t like what I have done and can be honest about it. No offense taken for the reasons stated above. Todays post compares the same subject mater presented two different ways. I have attached a photograph I took on the grounds of a resort in Hawaii (2005). I have also attached a digital art rendition of that photograph that was created earlier this month. I wanted to change the original by eliminating the background building and creating some watercolor texture.

Original Gazebo Capture
Step up to the Gazebo

In my opinion there is nothing particularly wrong with the original capture. However I wanted to eliminate the resort itself from the background and add some texture and drawing detail to pull the details forward on the entire capture (gazebo architecture and details of the landscaping).


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19 thoughts on “The Hawaiian Gazebo: Before and After

  1. D. Wallace Peach

    Wow. What a difference, Kirt. I love what you did with the photo. Though both are beautiful, the focus on the gazebo is more pronounced in the second. I love what the darkness of the forest brings to the image as well. That was super fun.

  2. Dan Antion

    I like it Kirt. I think the gazebo is much less an afterthought in your version. Nicely done.

    I remember dropping our daughter off for an art lesson when she was young. I was only there while she was getting settled. She was supposed to paint from a photograph. She picked a photo, but she didn’t like that it had a large tree in the foreground. Her instructor told her, “you don’t have to include the tree.” I think it was a bit of a revelation (at least it was to me).

  3. Sue Slaght

    What a difference Kirt. I flipped back and forth between the two repeatedly. I agree with one of the other comments that your digital art has an enchanted forest feel. It leaves me wondering where the path leads.

  4. Tiffany Mendonca

    Amazing what you did! Original is beautiful but what you did with the second one made it feel more intimate to me. Love it! Amazing work!!


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