I Quiet My Mind

I wanted to share two new art prints I completed for my Inspirational Prayer Gallery. In that gallery I take either photographic or art prints and overlay them with an inspirational thought or prayer. With the two I am sharing today, they are both from prior hikes that I have done here in the Pacific Northwest. The overlay is a thought I go through daily using prayerful meditation. I like to start the day with prayer and the first thing I need to do is quiet my mind (not easy to do) and then focus on seeking His peace and joy with gratitude and thankfulness.

The first one is from Lake 22 Trail which is located near Granite Falls, Washington and has an elevation gain of about 1500 feet that brings you up to a lake.

I Quiet My Mind: Lake 22 Trail

The second art print is one of two falls known as Twin Falls. This stream runs through the valley where North Bend, Washington is located. This valley nestled in the Cascade Mountain Range is the home of many hiking trails spreading out and up.

I Quiet My Mind: Forest Waterfall


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20 thoughts on “I Quiet My Mind

  1. D. Wallace Peach

    Ah, Kirt, the lushness of the PNW creates such peaceful places, especially where the water is flowing. I can feel the serenity in your photos. Beautiful prints and lovely words that read like poetry. 🙂

  2. Tiffany Mendonca

    I love this quote!! I start my days out too with prayer and reflection and this quote fits perfect for those moments! I love the prints as well, I feel they fit perfect! And such beauty!


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