Abstract Lines And Curves

This week I wanted to share three art prints I created from the same drawing. They are art prints I created using digital drawing. I drew curves at random and kept drawing more so that the various shapes intersected. As I couldn’t decide what color hue I wanted for this drawing, I created three of them in different hues. I finished by drawing a slightly larger outline of the shapes in black.

For the first one, I used Purple and Blue for the colors.

Abstract Lines And Curves In Purple And Blue

For the second one I went to a variety of blue hues.

Abstract Lines And Curves In Blue

For the third one I switched it up and went with red hues.

Abstract Lines And Curves In Red

I played with other hues, but settled on these three for the final prints.


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27 thoughts on “Abstract Lines And Curves

  1. saymber

    I think they are really nice. I have done stuff like that before – random art. You never know what will spring forth! I liked them all. You could go prismatic – use many different colors.

  2. Dan Antion

    I like the redish one, Kirt. The colors in the first two are almost indistinguishable by me (colorblind). The bottom one is where I see more distinct shapes. Well done.

  3. Diane Henders

    Very cool! I have a hard time with abstracts – my brain always wants to make something of them. In this one, I see a face with a big drooling tongue stuck out. Sometimes my brain worries me… πŸ˜‰

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      LOL….that’s the exact same thing I see….they remind me of the “theatre symbol – the face of happy and sad” with its tongue sticking out. Not what I was thinking when I drew them, but you never know where art takes you. I tried rotating the image to get that visual out of my head….didn’t work…just looked upside down. LOL

  4. Americaoncoffee

    Hello Kirt. I love stained glass and may have mention it before. Your images are very impressive with lines and contrasting temperatures. Perfect! One of my goals is to have stained glass windows put in. Take care.


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