Tombstone, Arizona in Sepia

I was working on a photo shoot I did from a trip to Tombstone, Arizona a few years back. With the “Old West” history being kept alive in Tombstone, it just leads me to do some of the shots in an old sepia format. That being said, I would like feedback on the top four candidates from that shoot. I want to narrow it down to one or two for my gallery and would appreciate getting your thoughts. Thanks!!


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27 thoughts on “Tombstone, Arizona in Sepia

  1. Darlene

    I like the first one best as it really captures the old west feel of the place. I also like the third one but it is a bit dark, preventing us to see some of the details. I loved Tombstone when I visited a few years ago.

  2. Diane Henders

    Wow, they’re all gorgeous – you’ll have a tough time choosing. I particularly like the second one – it reminds me of our old garage on the farm, which was where we had stored an old buggy remarkably like the one in your photo.

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      And Tombstone is the real thing with that history! I love how they have preserved the past and created …albeit a tourist trap…a living history with towns people dressed in character, etc. thanks for the feedback!!

  3. Tiffany Mendonca

    Love the sepia with these photos, really brings detail and a natural feel for this era. My eye was drawn more to picture number 2, as I feel this one really captures the time era. Also maybe because it’s just the carriage and brings focus to that and the detail the picture has, I really felt I was there in that time, if that makes sense. Love the pictures and Tombstone itself!

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Thanks for the feedback Tiffany!! Much appreciated! I’m glad they have kept Tombstone as a living history so to speak with all the townspeople dressed in that era. I enjoyed our time there also. Love sepia for this type of capture!! Again, appreciate your feedback and for stopping by!!

  4. gillmorris

    I love them all, but the first one, for me, stands out because it leaves you wondering where they are travelling too and who that person in the carriage is because you can only see the arm! Brilliant work!


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