Out And About

I’m using an art print I created of the 16th Street mall in downtown Denver, Colorado to illustrate the gradual opening of people being “out and about”. The print depicts people out on  the 16th Street Mall in Denver on a warm sunny day. I created this print last year, so there aren’t any masks on folks, but it depicts a scattering of people, none of them crowding others.

I contrast this to some of the pictures we’ve seen recently of crowded beaches where no one is wearing masks or respecting social distancing. Here in Los Angeles proper, we are still on lock down and required to wear masks when we have to go out. To me, it’s a small price to pay to help keep everyone safe. We are all in this together across the entire planet and it’s not about the “me”, but about the “us”. Be safe and be well!!


(Side note: The 16th Street Mall runs through the entire length of downtown. This print depicts the mall by the Daniels and Fisher Tower. The tower was constructed in 1910 as part of the Daniels and Fisher department store. At that time it was the tallest structure between the Mississippi River and California.)

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31 thoughts on “Out And About

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      I love how they have preserved this tower…they have done a great job on other historic buildings in downtown like Union Station…thanks for stopping by Dan!! Have a great week!!

  1. milfordstreet

    Nice print, Kirt. I’ve been to Denver a couple of times and recognized the tower immediately. I agree with you about the masks – a small price to pay to protect people.

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Seems simple enough!! We lived in Denver through the 80’s when all that was built….my wife and I both worked in downtown and loved it….thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Felipe Adan Lerma

    It is a small price to pay to try and stay safe, I agree, Kirt! Only real pedestrian street mall I can think of I’ve been on (many times! But not recently, lol!) is Church St in my wife’s hometown of Burlington Vt 😊 Love your colors & vibrancy in this! ❤️

  3. Writing to Freedom

    I love the image and the views. I don’t remember seeing this part of Denver, but I didn’t explore the town much when I lived in CO. I was too busy playing in Boulder and the mountains. 🙂

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Denver has done an awesome job with the downtown core. When we lived there, we both worked downtown during the 80’s….so much construction going on…high rise buildings and that was when the 16th street mall was built. It runs all the way through the downtown core. Fast forward to today and it has become a great urban residential area on top of the businesses based there! But heh…Boulder is such a beautiful town nestled up against the mountains…I get not needing to come down into Denver!! Have a great week!!

  4. Nancy

    I totally agree! Why have masks become this great big issue! I’m really sad about that. It’s something so small to just stay safe!

    I know this tower well and your painting shows just how lovely it is.

  5. Diane Henders

    I just love your Fauvism-style work! Bright colours always make me happy.

    We’ve been hearing about the unrest in parts of the States – what difficult times. I’m glad to hear that things are peaceful and safe(ish) where you are.

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      When I posted that, it was peaceful….unfortunately not the case anymore here in Los Angeles…not in our part of the city thankfully, but sad to see none the less☹️

  6. denisebushphoto

    This is a cool city scene Kirt! I love that tower and if I get to Denver I’d like to visit it. Like many other places, there’s a lot going on in Denver with protests and destruction.

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      I also meant to thank you for your feedback!! Sorry! Appreciate your support…my wife and I worked in downtown during the 80’s when the 16th Street Mall was being built…we found it such a dynamic downtown and when we were there last year at this time…blown away at how much more had been built and the residential growth…great urban environment. (We moved from there to San Diego in ‘89)

  7. tiffanyarpdaleo

    Oh, I love this painting, Kirt! Great colors and I love the textures, and the subject too! We’re still wearing our masks too, it’s not that much of an effort to be socially responsible, and safe!

      1. America On Coffee

        On the West coast bordering Arizona -California. Keeping safe too! So far we have had a 1/2year of confinement. I wonder what can we expect of the next 1/2..🤔☕️

  8. Teagan R. Geneviene

    Kirt, I love this one. A clock tower always captivates me. The hot pink brought me immediately to that detail. I absolutely love that contrast of chartreuse yellow-green at the bottom. That color never gets the resect it deserves. LOL. Thanks for the point of interest footnote about the tower too. Hugs on the wing.

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Thank you very much for your feedback!! As you know I have a penchant for bright color abstract presentation in a lot of my work. I also have a love for Denver, so a perfect fit!! Have a great weekend!!

  9. gillmorris

    Beautiful print Kirt. It’s the same here, people have been told that lockdown is easing some more and they flock to the beaches on the hottest day of the year, no regard for others, no social distancing,fighting, leaving mounds of rubbish behind. It’s appalling! Hope you are well 🙂


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