Cave Creek, Arizona Revisited

Back into my archives looking at prior photoshoots! This week I’m featuring Cave Creek, Arizona. I did a post on Cave Creek in 2014 and am happy to report the only capture I am repeating in this post is the first print because It gives you a feel for the look of this “Old West Town”. I have attached eight prints from my original photoshoot. Enjoy……

Cave Creek Blog 1

Cave Creek Blog 2

Cave Creek Blog 3

Cave Creek Blog 4

Cave Creek Blog 5

Cave Creek Blog 6

Cave Creek Blog 7

Cave Creek Blog 8

Hope all is well with you and yours!!


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22 thoughts on “Cave Creek, Arizona Revisited

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      That’s right…for us we were on the far SW quadrant behind the Estrella Mountains. Needless to say…a bit of a drive. Thanks for stopping by Nancy…stay well!!

  1. America On Coffee

    Very Wowee Kirt! The old west is fascinating. I love all of the old west. Placing yourself in Arizona resulted in the optimal, which was to bring out the best of your cowboy concepts! Photos or paintings, I love the old rustic look. Cheers!

      1. America On Coffee

        My pleasure Kirt! The wild west is really a fancy of mine. The last enjoyable read that I truly relish still was Linda Goodman’s Star signs. I am not into astrology, so the title was a real deterrent until someone summarized the journey of the read. The book was an exploration about the old west, saloons, artifacts, cow boy ghosts that still visit. What a relishing read it was and your photos again inspired me. Thanks again Kirt!

      2. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

        The book sounds fascinating…I like you would have been misguided by the the title….I will keep that book in mind for my reading. I appreciate the feedback. Side note: I found Sharlot Hall museum in Prescott very fascinating as it relates to that era and have done a number of pics of the buildings located on the property! Be well and have a great weekend!!

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