Camellia Blooms In Pastel

Last winter, I shared a number of photographic captures of camellia blooms from our trees and bushes.  Each bush or tree is a different variety giving us a mix of colors and types. Doing some yard work this week, I saw that buds were forming on the camellias in preparation for this winters bloom. Today I wanted to share a couple of art prints I created using that photo shoot as an inspiration and template for some digital art.

I have attached two prints I created using a pastel chalk technique. To create a little more definition of the petals on the bloom, I used a very thin brush stroke. The first one is a pink bloom and the second one a red bloom and bud.


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29 thoughts on “Camellia Blooms In Pastel

  1. Sue Slaght

    Soft is the word that came to mind in seeing your gorgeous art Kirt. Although I was distracted by the term ‘winter bloom’. Wouldn’t we be surprised to see one of these pop out of a snowbank!

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Thanks for the compliment Sue. Had to laugh with the “winter” bloom comment. Having lived in a “real” 4 season climate for half of my life, I get how weird that does sound….thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      I can’t believe in all the years we lived in San Diego we never had any of them.
      It took moving to a mature area in LA to see them?? On our bushes and tree, The buds are already forming for this years blooms! Go figure😎

  2. Felipe Adan Lerma

    What a treat you have in store for this winter, Kirt! And a what treat you already have, wow! Wonderful adjustment choices on your colors and intensities into the new digital art, and love the line accents! The latter’s something I’m barely becoming more aware of in my painting, lol! 😊

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      I don’t have a drawing pad…just a desktop, so the line drawing becomes a slow tedious process, but well worth it for me! Thanks for the input and for stopping by!! Have a great rest of your week….off to PT!!

      1. Felipe Adan Lerma

        Yes, better keep that (PT) up, well worth it! 😊 Oh, and depending on your desktop, there’s tablets available that can pair with your desktop, then you can use a pressure sensitive stylus pen to draw on the tablet and it mirrors on your desktop. Haven’t done that myself yet, mainly ‘cause I have an iPad but no decent laptop or desktop right now, lol!

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