Colorful Arizona – Featured Art Prints

This week I wanted to feature two prints that highlight the colors of Arizona. Both scenes say “Arizona” because of the subject matter, but I wanted to highlight the colorful beauty that is seen in each of these locations. I used a fauvism technique (if you follow my blog and/or work, you are familiar with my use of this technique to create a somewhat colorful and abstract look) to highlight the tones and hues that nature provides.

The first print is the Grand Canyon. I used a lookout point as a portion of the foreground to add dimension and drama to the scene. You get a true sense of depth looking from the foreground out across the canyon. The ribbons of color from the different layers of rock strata are accentuated via bright colors and the bold brush strokes.

The second print features a saguaro cactus native to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona and the state of Sonora in Mexico. The sky becomes the colorful focal point in this print as either a sunrise or sunset can light up the desert with bright, vidid colors. Again, the strong brush strokes accent the colorful sky with a typical desert setting in the foreground.


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26 thoughts on “Colorful Arizona – Featured Art Prints

  1. Teagan R. Geneviene

    These are both wonderful in different ways, Kirt. I love the colors in the second one.
    The first is such an unexpected combination of abstract and realistic… That draws me into the print. It seems very unusual to me, and I like it a lot.
    Hugs on the wing!

  2. Annie

    It’s so interesting to see the texture of your strokes. It looks so very detailed and precise. I just have to imagine how you do what you do!

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      The art of digital manipulation …. various programs and digital drawing…it can get pretty tedious, but I enjoy it!! Thanks for the feedback and for stopping by!

  3. Sue Slaght

    When I saw the first piece of art I actually touched the screen. the texture of it just drew me in. It almost looks like you have woven the piece. Gorgeous work Kirt. I’m a big fan of this technique.

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Thank you very much Sue….when I originally came up with this technique, I wasn’t quite sure about it….have to admit it does create a very bright and unique look!! I appreciate you taking the time for feedback and for stopping by!


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