Same Roadside Cafe – Three Art Presentations

Every time I capture an image that I think would look good in a painted type format (digitally created), I usually try a few different versions to determine what presentation looks best. Each style creates a completely different look of the same subject matter. As an example I have attached three styles I used on a roadside cafe in New England.

The first example is a very subtle impasto style. Usually with the impasto style the brush strokes are bold a colorful. In this case, I toned the brush strokes down to a very subtle look.

In this next version I went with an old world “Gothic” style, which stays with strong earth tones.

The last example is a fauvism style, which creates abstract oriented shapes and surreal colors.

Same setting, completely three different looks. You may or may not like any of the looks which is ok…art is interpreted by the viewer and we all have different tastes. From my perspective I try to narrow it down to the presentation I think tells the best story and sometimes I simply can’t narrow it down to just one as I like the presentations each style presents.


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44 thoughts on “Same Roadside Cafe – Three Art Presentations

  1. Darlene

    They are all excellent but I think I like the impasto style the best for this subject. makes me want to go and have a cup of tea there and maybe a slice of homemade apple pie.

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      First one has the most votes if you will!! The styles are so different in the way they present a subject, which is why I go through the trouble of doing such different styles…thanks for the feedback and have a great week!!

      1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

        The “gothic” style has tones I like and doesn’t always work for everything. I did a series of hot air balloons in this style and have them in our house…you wouldn’t think bright colored hot air balloons would translate to that style, but the end result creates a very old world look and feel. Thanks Dan!! Have a great week!

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      I thought it would be interesting to share the process I go through picking and choosing what I ultimately post into my gallery! Thanks for the feedback and for stopping by! Have a great week (very wet one for us in So Cal….loving it).

  2. Teagan R. Geneviene

    Kirt, it’s so fun when you offer up several versions of the same image. These three look so vastly different, that to me, each one tells a completely different story. I think I enjoy the story I tell myself with the first one best. All three are cool looking. Hugs on the wing!

  3. lorriebowden

    I love how you manipulated the art, Kirt! So talented.
    Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and that you are all settled in your new digs. Sweet Blessings for a wonderful New Year 2019!!

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Thank you very much Lorrie. Hope your Holiday was good….I think of you and your Mom often. We just welcomed into the world our new grandson. Wishing you peace, strength and joy for 2019.

      1. lorriebowden

        Oh, Kirt! That is so wonderful…a new child to love!! I’m so happy for you and your family!😁
        And the other side of life…I’m sorry to tell you, my Momma passed before the holidays😟 I may share on my blog…it is so raw. I know she is in heaven…she is home.
        Sending many blessings 💜

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