Apples and Pears – Still Life Art Prints

This week I am featuring three art prints from my Floral/Still Life Gallery. For these prints, I used a set of fake fruit that we had in a large bowl as a center piece (for still life objects just about anything around the house with a visual appeal works). I have a small light box for such projects, so with a white background and base from the light box, I started arranging the fake fruit in various poses and alternated between the different colors and types of fruit (apples and pears to be specific and colors in gold, red and brown). Believe it or not the shoot lasted about an hour and a half…the fruit worked so hard and was so patient. From all of the configurations and colors used, I narrowed the shots I was going to use to about ten. I was really pleased with the captures I chose and then I began the next stage of the process.

The results were crisp, sharp captures of this fake fruit. What I wanted to do was soften the pictures up just a bit to give the final product a more casual relaxed look while keeping the details of the original photography. That’s where Photoshop comes into play and using the watercolor filter (you can control the levels and depth of the look), I chose just a light brushing to soften the edges and add texture to the white background.

The first two art prints are representative of the ten that I did, but I also wanted to combine four of them into a collage, which is the final print featured.


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21 thoughts on “Apples and Pears – Still Life Art Prints

  1. Sue Slaght

    The fruit worked hard and was so patient…you crack me up. I like the effect very much and especially the final collage. Hope you had a wonderful time with Grandbaby recently. these little ones bring so much joy.

  2. Teagan R. Geneviene

    Oh. Now that was unexpected. And huge fun! You slayed me with “the fruit worked so hard and was so patient.” 😀
    I really do like the prints, Kirt. It made really unique wall art, with a lot of eye appeal. Hugs.

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      For whatever reason this ended up in my spam….go figure…It was a photo shoot that someone would have loved having a nanny cam on me….way too intense trying to get the correct arrangement of fruit and lighting, etc….can you imagine playing with fake fruit for a couple of hours…lol….oh what we do for our craft…thanks for the feedback Dan!

  3. Diane Henders

    “…the fruit worked so hard and was so patient” – thanks for the giggle! The fruit itself is unique and beautiful, and your shots set it off perfectly. Nicely done!


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