Stagecoach and Wagon – Featured Art Prints

Red Stagecoach and Blue Covered Wagon are art prints I created using a traditional oil technique to create this look. This technique uses strong, but narrow brush strokes with bright colors. I liked the way it accented the colors and structure of both vehicles.

The inspiration behind these prints are a stagecoach and covered wagon I came across in the Sharlot Hall Museum located in Prescott, Arizona.  The museum structure houses these two modes of transportation along with vintage cars.

I can’t even fathom having to travel across the wide open expanse of the Western United States in either of these vehicles. Every summer I reflect back to what it must have been like traversing the mountains and deserts back in that era as we drive on modern freeways with our air conditioning keeping us comfortable. I applaud the determination of our forefathers who settled this vast territory.  Thoughts?

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26 thoughts on “Stagecoach and Wagon – Featured Art Prints

  1. Darlene

    Our ancestors were a tough bunch! I like the method you used to create the texture, it´s very effective. I feel like I could reach out and touch the wood of the wagon.

  2. lorriebowden

    Love the prints…a lot!! And agree with you, Kirt…can’t imagine traveling that way. You brought up a memory for me…it was a road trip and I believe it was the ride from Prescott to Jerome…the mountain…ah! My friend had white knuckles on the steering wheel and I was in the back as it looked like our back right tire would fall off the edge of the mountain!!! Yikes!
    Sweet memories… 🙂

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      I know from your description the exact way you came into Jerome….my wife and I did that same drive and I know what you mean!! As a kid we use to do the family road trip in a large station wagon (always in August) from Iowa to LA to visit my aunt and uncle. I have always been a history buff and during those long trips I use to always wonder how did the pioneers do this in covered wagons and or stagecoaches…

  3. purpleslob

    The red stagecoach reminds me of the “Old West” pic, my husband and I did with my aunt, and uncle. So neat pretending to go back in time!
    But riding in them for real?? I’d be hollering “uncle”, after the first 5 minutes, I’m sure!


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