Sepia Tone – Vintage Photography

I enjoy using a sepia tone for some of my photography, specifically if it will enhance the subject matter. The sepia brown tones originated with film photography as part of the process to develop the prints in the 1800’s. Today, we can recreate that same vintage look digitally.

I have attached two pictures I took at the Hollywood School House in Woodinville, Washington (just outside of Seattle). The school was established in 1912 and has been restored to its turn of the century charm. It is currently used for weddings and special events and is located in the heart of the Woodinville Wine Valley.


Both of these items caught my attention and I thought they would make great sepia tone photographs to highlight the aged vintage look they represented. Thoughts?

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32 thoughts on “Sepia Tone – Vintage Photography

  1. Dan Antion

    There are times when this is s good choice. I never seem to know when those times occur with my photos 🙁

    I lived in Kirkland for a year before moving into Seattle. I used to ride my bike down a huge hill to get on the bike path. I still remember dreading the fact that the day always ended having to pedal back up that hill. I eventually bought a bike rack just to go about one mile.

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Some of the shots I take that I think would look good in Sepia….turn out not so much:) It’s a hit and miss for me but easy enough to do and I either end up liking it or not! Very familiar with Kirkland….our oldest and her husband live north of Redland by Woodinville. Our youngest and her husband live in Seattle proper…Woodinville is where our wedding was this July….30 plus wineries ….could it get any better….I don’t think so😎

  2. reocochran

    Both of these are gorgeous in sepia and wouldn’t really want them any other way, Kirt. Great way to capture them, they could be placed on a card or postcard to allow blank inside with a variety of wishes, “Happy Retirement,” “Hope this gift won’t get out into just any old cash register. . .” or “Sitting Pretty… as always!” 😀

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