Log Houses In Gothic – Featured Art prints

Today I am featuring three art prints I just completed. I decided to feature them as a “before and after post”. The log houses are part of the Sharlot Hall Museum located in Prescott, Arizona. I did a photo shoot blog of these buildings last November, so you can see the before pictures there and the resulting art prints here.

With these images I used the gothic oil technique I have worked with before to give these log structures that “old world” or historic look. This technique focuses on bold brush strokes and earth tone colors to create this style.

This first art print is the original Governors Mansion built for the newly appointed capital of the realigned Arizona Territory by President Lincoln.


The second art print is of Fort Misery, which is the oldest log building associated with the territory of Arizona. Originally built in 1863-1864 along the banks of Granite Creek (two blocks south of the museum). It was disassembled and reassembled on the museum grounds in 1934. A trader from Santa Fe built it as a home and store.

The third art print is The Ranch House, which was built for the museum in the 1930’s to represent typical ranch houses from the 1800’s.


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26 thoughts on “Log Houses In Gothic – Featured Art prints

  1. Writing to Freedom

    I like the settings, especially the third piece, but don’t really care for the washed out look of this technique. And I’m glad you experiment and have such skill at creating different looks. 🙂

      1. Writing to Freedom

        Hi Kirt. One of your sunset images caught my attention a few weeks ago and I would like to use it to create a poem if you are willing to let me use the image. I would be happy to mention you and link to your blog or gallery. What do you think?

  2. Teagan Geneviene

    I remember your post about Prescott, Kirt. It was truly interesting.
    This technique is a perfect fit for these buildings. I really like it. Log cabins can put me in a sort of distracted mindset — something in the here and now that just doesn’t fit right. What you’ve done seems to blend them into the world. And the colors are lovely.
    Have a marvelous Monday. Hugs.

  3. Jet Eliot

    Wonderful prints, Kirt. The earthy colors add to the outdoor feel, as well as the landscapes included in each print. Wonderful series. The writer in me had to wonder what went on at Fort Misery.

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