Pink Sherbert – Featured Art Print

Pink Sherbet

This week I wanted to feature one of my abstract prints. This particular print reminds me of frozen sherbert, especially the colors. Growing up in the midwest (Iowa), ice cream was the dessert of choice and for whatever reason I just didn’t care for it. On a visit to my grandparents house one year, I was introduced to frozen sherbert (the days before Sorbet was readily available). I love the rainbow variety and the different fruit flavors. Something about the consistency and vibrant colors appealed to me and I was converted. To this day, I’m still not an ice cream person, but love a good sorbet. That is how the title came to fruition and the next question should be…”I get that abstract art can be very esoteric, but what in the world are these shapes and colors based on?” Great question and the answer will probably surprise you.

This print was created from a photograph taken of the sun setting over a very foggy ocean. My wife and I were traveling up the Northern California coastline and had stopped for the night. A very thick layer of fog was rolling in just as the sun was going down. The scene went from where you could hardly see the water or the waves breaking to a bright spot of light and massive color display in the fog reflected off of the water to hardly seeing the ocean again. From the picture, I worked with this particular technique (Impasto…bold brush strokes) and chose this color palette until I had what I was envisioning for an abstract print. Thoughts?

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16 thoughts on “Pink Sherbert – Featured Art Print

  1. Teagan Geneviene

    Where any creative pursuit is concerned, it’s always great to branch out and try different things.
    I prefer sorbet to ice cream too. My favorite grown up treat is a scoop strawberry sorbet with champagne or spumante to make a float! But I still love the old fashioned party punch they used to make with sherbet and ginger-ale when I’m lucky enough to be around any.
    Have a great new week, Kirt. Mega hugs!

  2. Jet Eliot

    I found your artwork enchanting, Kirt. I’ve been a resident of northern California for many years, and have seen lots and lots of fog. I find it beautiful. But I have never seen such a vibrant and cheerful interpretation of fog, and I think it’s glorious. Also enjoyed the long-lasting and poignant memory of sherbet with your grandparents. Great post, my friend~~I like your spirit.

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Thank you very much, Jet…much appreciated!! Our years in San Diego along the beach, it was usually always a higher level marine layer and not the thick dense fog you see along the coast in Northern California…so for us it was a treat…especially with the momentary breaks in the fog as the sun was going down…thanks again for stopping by Jet!!


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