Issaquah Train Station – Featured Art Print

Issaquah Train Station – from my Color Photography Gallery is a color photograph wall art print of train tracks running in front of the Issaquah, Washington train station. The setting is Issaquah, Washington during the fall color changes. The amount of trees throughout this eastern suburb of Seattle that turn vibrant colors in the autumn is spectacular. The brilliance of this autumn display becomes the focal point this time of year with the natural pines that cover the mountain slopes nearby as a steady green backdrop.

Since I shoot in RAW format, I was able to sharpen and deepen the contrast and details to give this shot strong depth throughout the entire frame. I love pictures that take a subject and visually follow it into “infinity” such as the tracks in this shot! Thoughts?

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35 thoughts on “Issaquah Train Station – Featured Art Print

  1. Teagan Geneviene

    I like scenes with some kind of path too. It makes me feel more good things are ahead. The train tracks add to the idea of going somewhere. You did a great job with the colors, Kirt. Everything is sharp and vibrant. Here’s to pathways to something good! Mega hugs.

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      I’m with you…I am drawn to shots that have a street..path…sidewalk…whatever that goes into “infinity” for lack of a better term…it draws me in and makes me what to see what’s next….I do that when I hike also…oh…what’s around the next bend or hill…thanks for stopping by Teagan…have a great week!!

  2. purpleslobinrecovery

    I like the 2 splotches of neon red- the tree trunk on the right, and the circle on the left at the end of the train station.
    Also, does anyone else see the fish face in the trees?? At the horizon, just above and left of the tracks. The tiny yellow triangle is beside its right eye.

  3. Sue Slaght

    I too am very fond of that line into forever. Always makes me wonder what is happening at the other end. A beautiful piece of art Kirt. As you can imagine Kirt those vivid autumn colors really call to me.

  4. rockyromano10

    Oh My God! Is really beautiful fall scene, you made an excellent job!. Issaquah is so special for me. I was living there since 2003 to 2005. The place is very quit and romantic also loaded with an intriguing history of the first pioneers of the town. Thank you for sharing your amazing picture.

  5. Tofino Photography

    I love this scene Kirk.Very Americana.
    As a photographer with a discerning eye.I do not think these tracks are used very much.The vegetation in the foreground is actually encroaching onto the track.

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      They are no longer used….the train station is now a museum….in its prime, the station was an important stop between the lumbering in the Cascade Mountains and the ultimate destination of the port of Seattle. Issaquah sits at the base of the Cascade Mountains just east of Seattle… and with the growth of the Seattle metropolitan area is now an eastern suburb. The town has down an incredible job keeping the station and tracks as they were!! Thanks for stopping by!!


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