Sharlot Hall Museum Two – Excerpts From A Photo Shoot

My last post was about a weekend getaway my wife and I did to Prescott, Arizona. The post focused on our visit to the Sharlot Hall Museum. I included some shots of the log buildings that are on the grounds of the museum and this week I wanted to include shots I took inside some of those log structures.

The first two photographs are of a kitchen and then a bedroom within the log Governor’s Mansion.

Sharlot Hall - Kitchen

Sharlot Hall – Kitchen

Sharlot Hall - Bedroom

Sharlot Hall – Bedroom

This third shot focuses in on the chair and chest by the bedroom window. Notice the chair, it folds up. What caught me eye wasn’t just the fact that the chair folds up, but the fact we actually have a similar chair from the same era that also folds up, but ours is a rocking chair. When we first got married (many moons ago), we were trying to acquire furniture and both of us still being in college (yes, I said many moons ago), we were willing to take anything. My parents remembered some old antique furniture stored in the attic and offered us anything we wanted. We did acquire a few pieces and the chair was one of them. I was told the chair was called a “wake rocker” and had been handed down from grandparents. I stripped it and reupholstered it and all these years later, it now sits in storage at our house waiting for one of our daughters to take an interest in it.

Sharlot Hall - Chair and Chest

Sharlot Hall – Chair and Chest

The rest of the shots capture other furnishings within these log buildings.

Sharlot Hall - Desk and Chair

Sharlot Hall – Desk and Chair

Sharlot Hall - Cabinet

Sharlot Hall – Cabinet

Sharlot Hall - Pot Belly Stove

Sharlot Hall – Pot Belly Stove


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14 thoughts on “Sharlot Hall Museum Two – Excerpts From A Photo Shoot

  1. Sue Slaght

    How fun to see that you have a similar piece of furniture from your early days! We had a table from Dave’s grandparents that we used for 25 years. It folded up magically into a tiny space but folded out to seat 10 if needed.

  2. Teagan Geneviene

    These are beautiful photos, Kirt. It had to be hard to get the lighting so perfectly. That’s a lovely story about your rocking chair. I agree with Dan — it looks quite welcoming. I can’t say that for the “close feeling” and dark cabin I visited as a child. Huge hugs.

  3. reocochran

    I like how the light shining in from the window still lends a softened look upon the dining room table.
    I love hearing about couple’s early wedded days of bliss (but simplicity), Kirt. So cool you have a similar chair and hope one of the girls chooses it to feature in their own home. I like this idea of it being a rocking chair. 🙂


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