Autumn Colors – Featured Art Print



Autumn Colors: a wall art print where I used an impasto oil technique creating this scene. This technique uses bold brush strokes and bright color tones creating a traditional oil painting look. This particular wall art print depicts trees in a park at their peak of fall colors.

The setting is Issaquah, Washington located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain range to the east of Seattle. Once a small stop along the rail line between Seattle to the west and North Bend in the Cascade Mountains to the east, this town has become a thriving and vibrant suburb within the metropolitan area of Seattle. Thoughts?

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25 thoughts on “Autumn Colors – Featured Art Print

      1. Writing to Freedom

        I understand. I felt that way while in Colorado, although the explosion of Aspens turning golden was pretty wonderful. Here in Arkansas, it’s often muted, except for a few pockets, not as vibrant or colorful as back east where I grew up.

  1. Sheri de Grom

    Kirt – Your work takes my breath away. The sheer beauty is awesome. Tom and I have found ourselves fussing over which gallery we’re going to visit first and then break out into barrels of laughter. It’s not like we expect you to take one down while we’re looking, would you? I spent a lot of time with the Umpqua Lighthouse this visit. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

  2. The Cat

    Very pretty colours. I have to say I do like autumn. I have been watching a tree, it’s a sentinel, across our lake and it is turning a very dark ochre currently and of course with the reflection across the water the effect is just amazing.

    Hope you sell loads of painting and prints this holiday.


    The Cat


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