Coastal Bluff – Featured Art Print

Coastal Bluff is a wall art print I created using an impasto oil looking technique to create this scene. This technique uses bold brush strokes and bright colors creating a traditional oil painting look. This particular wall art print depicts the view looking up the coastline of bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The setting is the rugged Oregon coastline, which is known for dramatic scenery of tall tree covered bluffs and the beautiful Pacific Ocean for as far as the eye can see. If you look real close, you can just make out the Pacific Coast Highway as a thin white strip along the bluffs. Thoughts?

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32 thoughts on “Coastal Bluff – Featured Art Print

  1. Teagan Geneviene

    Oooo I really like the “impasto oil technique” — it’s perfect for this one. Plus it’s a gorgeous scene anyway. I love the way the waves look, and the colors are superb. Have a thriving Thursday, Kirt. Huge hugs.

  2. Darlene

    A modern twist to a traditional landscape. I like it a lot. I see the Pacific Coat Highway which hubby and I travelled on a Honda Goldwing a few years ago. A memorable trip.

      1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

        It was actually our first couple trip in years by ourselves…our youngest was in college in Seattle and we were headed up there from San Diego…loved it…hit every lighthouse in No Cal and Oregon on our way!!

  3. Dan Antion

    I like this artistic impression very much, Kirt. I’ve traveled that highway twice, and it really does have spots that will take your breath away. Thanks for another memory jog!

      1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

        digital painting…when I use this technique, I like large bold brush strokes for background or sky…and then more detailed strokes for specific subject matter…

  4. Sheri de Grom

    Kirt – It’s okay if you want to tear my heart out. I love every inch of the Pacific Ocean and Hwy 1 is dear to my heart. Tom and I spent the first 13 years of our marriage living a stones throw from the Pacific Ocean and just yesterday when Tom opened the front door, he said, “Yep, we’re still in Arkansas.”
    You know we can’t complain. If we were still in our magical cottage by the sea, Tom would probably be dead by now, so I must say thank you to the medical care we have here. Best in the world for Tom!
    Back to your photographing of ‘my’ Pacific Coast – it’s perfect you know. Monterey/Carmel was our stomping ground and broke our hearts when I was drafted to DC.
    Your photos are as brilliant and as beautiful as ever. You sure know how to tug at a gal’s heart strings! Sheri

  5. jesstmxo

    Hey this is lush I love what you did with the sky, did you use a Strensall because I had to make block sort of shapes to make out an object or something and found so hard in a levels. Got an a* though! Hope you can check out my page and give it a follow as I update all the new fashion trends and beauty tips! Hope you find my posts useful xxx


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