Mukilteo In Pointillism – Featured Art Print

“Mukilteo in Pointillism” is an art print of a lighthouse created using a pointillism watercolor technique. The technique uses the French pointillism style of watercolor dots to create the image. The setting is the Mukilteo Lighthouse located in Mukilteo, Washington across from Whidbey Island. Thoughts?

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21 thoughts on “Mukilteo In Pointillism – Featured Art Print

  1. Sue Slaght

    A bit of a different piece than your usual Kirt. I would be interested to see the original photo too. A very pretty print that would suit a country style theme perhaps?

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Sue, if you follow the link at the bottom of this print, it will take you to the print on my website. At the top of the print on my website is another link taking you into the Lighthouse/Nautical Main Gallery where all of the Lighthouse prints are….scroll towards the bottom of the gallery page and you will see the original photo. The shot was taken on the ferry as we were coming into Mukilteo…

  2. Canuck Carl

    I am trying to picture in my mind this watercolor being created. Getting my face right up to the computer screen it is indeed like dot like patterns that together make this incredible painting.

    I am so amazed by this creativity and skill. To be able to picture in your mind the finished product as you are painting. And to work with different techniques is absolutely incredible.

    Absolutely amazing Kirt. 🙂

  3. petakaplan

    I love tge pointillism technique of a mass of littoe dots tgat blend to create a tone or color. Georges Seurat I believe was the master of pointillism.

    I particularly like the way you handled the trees, with the variety of tones.


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