Papago Palms – Featured Art Print

Papago Palms is a wall art print where I used a fauvism technique creating this scene. This technique uses bold brush strokes and bright surreal colors. This particular wall art print depicts palm trees reflected in a pond.

The setting is Papago Park in Phoenix, Arizona. Papago Park is located next to the zoo and the botanical gardens. In the middle of the park are two large ponds. The stillness of the water allows for the row of palm trees to be reflected in the water creating an added dimension to the scene.

When you are considering buying an art print, the interior design of the room comes into play and the look you are going for with any given print comes into the decision process. This particular style of wall art print works well a contemporary décor. The deciding factor will be the framing and matting style, which can dictate what décor the final piece will look good in versus just the style of the art print by itself. Thoughts?

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16 thoughts on “Papago Palms – Featured Art Print

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  2. Darlene

    As I live among palm trees, I find this piece very appealing. I agree a work of art should go well with the interior design but I also think it should be something you like. I have known folks who have changed the interior design to go with the much-loved artwork they purchased!

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Thanks Darlene…I was just having the interior design discussion with a friend this weekend….the bottom line is you have to like the art work regardless of the interior design….

  3. Teagan Geneviene

    Sorry I’m late! 😀
    Surreal indeed. But who can resist a palm tree and bright colors? I can imagine a large print of this hanging on a wall in a living room done in what I like to call “60s mod.” Or maybe a tapestry of it in a sunroom… Nice work, Kirt. Mega hugs!

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