Colorado River Arizona/Nevada – Excerpt from A Photo Shoot

Colorado River Arizona

Colorado River Arizona

The attached photograph was captured while traveling in the desert along the Arizona/Nevada border. The border is formed by the Colorado River and in this location the river is down stream from the Hoover Dam on its way to becoming Lake Havasu where it forms the border between Arizona and California. This capture is from a viewpoint along the highway. As you drive through the rugged terrain formed over the millennium by the Colorado River, suddenly you catch a glimpse of a blue jewel far below as it winds its way southward. I just had to stop and grab a shot. Thoughts?

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25 thoughts on “Colorado River Arizona/Nevada – Excerpt from A Photo Shoot

      1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

        Yes and no….it is that vivid blue….I shoot in raw format which allows me to pull a lot of detail from the shot and then I play with the contrast….this process does pull out existing color into deeper tones

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Dan….I must confess having lived in San Diego for so many years and now in Arizona….I have to really stop and think about the geography and what part of AZ connects to Nevada and what part to Utah….I have the California part down :))

  1. Teagan Geneviene

    It’s a gorgeous photo, Kirt. I’m glad you stopped to take it. In a fun coincidence, just a few minutes ago I was working on a (future) part of my story that mentions Lake Havasu! Now how likely is that? Have a wonder-filled new week. Hugs.

  2. Sue Slaght

    Like a hidden surprise! Yes it makes me happy just to see the river. As I think you know we rafted the Colorado through the Grand Canyon so it has an extra special place in my heart.

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    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Somehow it momentarily posted while I was editing it…..then de-posted….weird..the actual post goes out Friday 5:00 AM PDT…you’ll love the pics…I got some stunning shots!!


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