Rose Bud and Rose Bloom: Featured Art Prints

With June upon us, I wanted to feature two art prints that say June to me: Rose Bud and Rose Bloom. The colors start to pop on rose bushes this time of year and I wanted to celebrate the vibrancy of the blooms. Rose blooms are more than just color, they are texture, shape and color. The intricacy of the petals as that go from buds to full bloom. I capture these two particular photographs in a public garden in Portland, Oregon. Portland is well known for roses and these two particular photographs support that reputation. Thoughts?

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20 thoughts on “Rose Bud and Rose Bloom: Featured Art Prints

  1. Nancy

    This post is not only beautiful but so very fragrant!
    I love them both. You captured the delicate nature of the rose… ❤

  2. reocochran

    It takes an artistic and talented photographer to look at buds or blooms (over and over) to find one which looks like perfection and fully represent it, by using the right angle and light! Fantastic art prints here, Kirt. 🙂

  3. Sue Slaght

    Of course you know i love the color but in these the texture is what really stands out for me. Especially in the first I feel as though if I touch the screen I will be able to feel the petals. Lovely!


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