The Old Farm – Featured Art Print


The Old Farm – is an art print I wanted to feature today. Is it colorful or does it grab your attention? Probably not, but what I like about it, is the fact it tells a story. The story is an obvious one, an old farm that has fallen into disrepair. When I came upon this scene in Eastern Iowa during the winter months, I loved the potential of composing a shot that would portray the feel of the property. I framed the scene using the barn as part of the foreground, with the dilapidated house in the background. The gate serves as a visual focal point pulling your eye towards the house. The final element for this particular art print was using a watercolor technique, which softens and darkens the scene slightly creating more of the mood. Thoughts?

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22 thoughts on “The Old Farm – Featured Art Print

  1. Gina

    I like it! You chose the perfect title for it.

    I recently realized that WP somehow unsubscribed me from your posts. I’m not sure how or why that happens, but it’s fixed now.

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      I have been reading about that from other bloggers….how did you discover it?? I may be missing the boat with some of my follows….Thanks for stopping by!!

      1. Gina

        When I didn’t see new posts from you for awhile I questioned it, and then you liked one of my posts, which cemented the idea that you were posting and I wasn’t receiving them. I checked your page and it didn’t say “following,” so I signed up again.

        Thank you for stopping by, also!

  2. Nancy

    Love old barns… I love the wood.
    But I also love the history or the story that could go along with the old barn.
    What happened here? What animals grazed outside the barn? Oh my gosh… I could go on and on….

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      You and me both….love the intrigue of such a location…. What is the story….I knew I had something special to work with when I came across this setting!! Thanks for stopping by Nancy!!

  3. Teagan Geneviene

    Well done, Kirt. It’s a very well thought composition. Even without colors, it has a stark beauty. It reminds me of places I would see back in Tennessee. I feel the winter’s cold, and hear the whisper of the dead weeds, feel them pull at my coat as I pass.
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. And take pictures! 😀 Hugs.

  4. Sue Slaght

    Definitely tells a story or creates one for the imagination. Having grown up on the Canadian prairies I was instantly transported Kirt. Agreed not colorful but powerful.


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