27 thoughts on “New England Village Public Garden – Featured Art Print

  1. reocochran

    Very exciting and stimulating art piece which would suit almost any home, Kirt. Did you perhaps see my brother Randy’s farm murals for Bluescreek Farm Meat Market and more? The family gave him about 20 photographs of people, he had only two weeks to make this happen, three walls, one was smaller but so fun to hear the people in the family comment… I was just wondering if you saw this? Thank you so much for all the beauty you feature here. By the way, I am at the library and for some reason the Like button is still “loading. . . ” so I really did LIKE this a LOT. Smiles, Robin

      1. reocochran

        It was possibly called, “Randy’s Art” but it is okay, we don’t always have time to read and I have been posting daily, which is kind of crazy, in and of itself! Smiles, Robin

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