The Barn – Featured Art Prints

“The Barn” is a series of art prints that depict barns. I chose barns as a unified subject to create a visual example of how the look of a print changes depending on the style, color and format used. The best example I can think of is when you think of a barn, you picture a rural setting and your mind predetermines what type of décor would be appropriate for such an art print. While there is truth to that to some degree, my examples tell the story of how that can change depending on the style of presentation.

The first art print is a large red barn. The clean lines of the barn lend themselves to a more modern look. For this print, I used a somewhat abstract or linear approach creating clean simple lines and thus a more contemporary feel.


The second art print was done using a traditional watercolor technique and creates that expected overall look of a barn.


Print number three is done using a pointillism technique that creates a very soft, subtle presentation of twin barns.


The fourth print is done in a gothic style of painting. The earthen tones and bold brush strokes create a very “old world” look.


The final art print is a typical red barn done in a traditional impasto style with large brush strokes and brighter, bolder colors.


Each print is of a rural barn, but each print creates a different visual experience and look. Thoughts?


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23 thoughts on “The Barn – Featured Art Prints

  1. Darlene

    The Farm’s Red barn is my favourite, most likely because it reminds me of the barn on my dad’s farm. Each barn has its own personality (and its own story!)

  2. Nancy

    They are all fabulous but the last two are my favorites. Oh if I could be a fly on the wall of all barns. Such neat stories they can tell.
    Thank You for creating such beauty!

  3. Sue Slaght

    The diversity of techniques used here Kirt show the depth of your artistic ability. I love all of them but the final one is my top pick. Perhaps it’s the farm girl in me that feels a sense of home and comfort just looking at that one.


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