Hot Air Balloons In Abstract – Featured Art Prints

I did a photo shoot early last that I covered in one of my blogs titled: Desert Glows – Hot Air Balloon Photo Shoot. As a result of that shoot, I created these two art prints using a fauvism (Fauvism: a style of painting with vivid expressionistic and non-naturalistic use of color that flourished in Paris from 1905) technique of hot air balloons lit up at night. This technique uses abstract shapes and variations of colors to create a unique look. The balloons lent themselves to this style of art because of the dramatic shape and colors of the balloons.

The event was the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival in Avondale, Arizona (Phoenix metropolitan area). The balloon envelopes were inflated in the early morning hours for flights and races. After that series of events, the balloons were deflated until the evening hours when the envelopes were again inflated, but this time they stayed on the ground. As evening turned into night with the darkening sky, the balloon operators shot large flames up into the envelope illuminating the brightly colored balloons. At this event the operators were synchronized to music, making the series of balloons rotate the glow to the beat of the tunes. This nighttime spectacular is referred to as The Desert Glow. It was a stunning scene to behold with the contrast of light and dark and the bright vivid colors of the balloon envelopes.




These two art prints were recently added to my Abstract Bold Gallery.

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