Cactus Blooms – Excerpts From a Photo Shoot

It’s that time of year again, when the cactus are starting to bloom….I am re-posting this blog from two years ago as the vibrant purple blooms are back….


A couple of weeks ago, I noticed driving into our community that the cactus planted in the common areas were starting to bloom. We are literally just a couple of blocks from open desert, so I thought it’s hiking time for a photo shoot to see what I can find. I have attached four of the shots from that expedition of the cactus I found in bloom. The color is incredible!

Cactus Bloom 1 Cactus Bloom 1

Cactus Bloom 2 Cactus Bloom 2

Cactus Bloom 3 Cactus Bloom 3

On Cactus Bloom 3 – notice the faint hint of a cobweb between two of the plants and then again in the lower left hand corner.

Cactus Bloom 4 Cactus Bloom 4

I’ll share some of my other finds from that hike in a later post. Thanks!

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13 thoughts on “Cactus Blooms – Excerpts From a Photo Shoot

  1. teagan geneviene

    Oh, they are lovely. Cactus blossoms seem so unique, from an east coast perspective. But I love the contrasts inherent in the plants — the prickly spines with the delicate looking flowers. Not to mention the vividly colored blossoms. Well done as always, Kirt. Hugs!


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