The Oyster Farm – Featured Art Prints

When we were in the Pacific Northwest last June, on our way over to Henry Island, we stopped at an oyster farm on San Juan Island. I have to say…that was a first. I truly didn’t have any preconceived notions of what an oyster farm would look like or how it worked, so I found the entire experience fascinating. The operation is so incredibly interesting, but not much in the way of a photo shoot opportunity. That said, the old buildings and equipment immediately spoke sepia tone for that rustic and vintage look. I finally settled on the attached four shots and just recently added them to my Sepia Photography Gallery.

The first one is the main facility where the offices and transactions are handled. The red “Oysters” creates a subtle focal point (on a project I worked on for a client earlier this year, they bought a series of sepia tone prints and asked me to create a subtle red element in each one….I liked the look, so added that to three of these).



The second shot is a storage shed on the property that they were talking about tearing down (they have since decided to keep it and upgrade it).


The third capture is netting on the dock with flotation balls. Again, I used the touch of red as an additional element.


The fourth print is of a small crane on the dock used to lower and raise the containers of oysters in and out of the water.



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9 thoughts on “The Oyster Farm – Featured Art Prints

  1. Sue Slaght

    Kirt I would not have had any idea what an oyster farm entailed either. I love the netting on the dock photo. I cant tell you why it is so appealing. Perhaps the creativity. It could almost be abstract art if you had not provided the explanation.

  2. teagan geneviene

    Hi Kirt. I’m sure it really was a fascinating place — I couldn’t imagine what I was about to see either. The “touch of red” is a great addition. It makes the pictures a lot more interesting to me. With my eye drawn to that bit of red, I find myself looking at more details of the photos. Have a thriving Thursday! Hugs.


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