Oregon Lighthouses – Featured Art Prints

On one of our many trips up to Seattle to see our youngest daughter, my wife and I decided to do a road trip winding our way up the Oregon Coastline. Our goal was to visit the string of Oregon Lighthouses that dot the rugged coastline. I have attached five art prints from my Lighthouse/Nautical Gallery that I created as a result. With these particular prints, I used a gothic oil technique to create an old world look and feel to the subject matter. This technique uses bold brush strokes and warm earth tone colors.


The first print is of the Heceda Head Complex. The road winds along the rugged bluffs to a parking area by the caretaker’s house in the right portion of the picture. From the house, you hike a path hugging the bluff to the lighthouse itself, a path the lighthouse caretaker had to take daily to get out to the point.

The second print is of the Cape Blanco Lighthouse, sitting high above the pounding surf of the Pacific Ocean.


With the third print, I wanted to focus just on the light portion of the Umpqua Lighthouse. I like the intricate architecture, especially against a deep blue sky.

The fourth art print is your view of the Cape Meares Lighthouse as you walk a descending path to the facility itself. As you are coming down the hill, you are suddenly at eye level with the light and then you continue down to a switchback…..

where you come face to face with the short, but beautiful Cape Meares Lighthouse.



I invite you to visit my Lighthouse/Nautical Gallery to enjoy these prints and many more.

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24 thoughts on “Oregon Lighthouses – Featured Art Prints

  1. Dan Antion

    Thanks again for the memory jog. My daughter and I drove up the coast from San Francisco to the Columbia River and then over to Portland back in 2001. We have a picture of that first lighthouse (but not that nice).

  2. reocochran

    I like your Oregon lighthouses, especially the darker first Heceda Head complex and last one, Kirt. The techniques and brushstrokes are so intruguing, drawing you into the art work. Beautiful pieces, Kirt. ♡

  3. theoldfellowgoesrunning

    Love these Kirt. Each painting gives me the feel of ruggedness that withstands the harsh conditions of the windswept coastline.
    And whether it is the dramatic panorama like the first picture, or the close up eye level painting of the 4th, they all leave me with the sense of SAFETY. The light has been strategically placed to keep sailors alive.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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