Fauvism in Flower Blooms – Featured Art Prints

I wanted to share a couple of prints that I just added to my Foral/Still Life Gallery. Both are flower blooms and both are done using a Fauvism style of presentation. Fauvism was introduced to the art world around 1900 and the formal movement lasted only a few years, but the style that was introduced has been copied and integrated into other styles, keeping the concept alive. The elements involved are surreal colors and abstract shapes and presentation styles. I like this particular type of art as it creates a type of abstract art that is colorful, edgy and whimsical. That type of combination is usually not correlated with each other, but my thought is that the more abstract shapes of the subject create an edgy look, yet the surreal colors create a fun whimsical visual experience. I have spent a fair amount of time trying to mimic the look in many of my prints and here are two examples.

The first print is an orange hibiscus bloom. Simple enough, yet I integrated a bold level of yellow to accent the orange in the bloom. Also notice the vivid blue (almost purple) in the background.

The second art print is of a yellow orchid bloom. Again, I saturated the yellow color and exaggerated the veining in the bloom, creating a bright cheerful art print.


I invite you to visit my Floral/Still Life Gallery to enjoy these prints and many more.

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29 thoughts on “Fauvism in Flower Blooms – Featured Art Prints

      1. teagan geneviene

        By the way — wish me luck. I reached the “selection committee” for a federal job in Mesa. They’re usually “pre-selected” but I’m crossing my fingers anyway. And visualizing with a new Pinterest board. LOL. Yes — here’s to Sunday!

  1. Sue Slaght

    Kirt this style truly appeals to me. I don’t know much about photo editing but I am very fond of the saturation button. Likely a bit too heavy handed but I love the color. 🙂

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Thank you for the huge compliment!!!! Have a great weekend yourself…..loved your Amsterdam vs Rotterdam post….sounds like the New York vs Boston thing on the east coast over here!!

  2. Jet Eliot

    I appreciated getting the explanation for fauvism, Kirt, and so enjoyed your prints. That first one espec. grabbed me, really radiates with vibrancy and joy.

  3. reocochran

    Nothing but the best is displayed in your artwork, Kirt. I particularly like the orange hibiscus of your indeed surreal and whimsical treatment. The yellow was pretty but the veins in the orchid were too much of a contrast, even if they are supposed to be this way. I am silly but blood veins and arteries “give me the creeps.”
    Have a fantastic weekend. I am sleep deprived due to 4 nights at son and daughter in law’s house. 🙂 New precious baby is very sweet, though. ♡


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