Garden Table – Featured Art Print

This week, I wanted to feature a new print in my Gardens Gallery titled: Garden Table. I created this art print using a gothic oil technique with warm earth tones creating an old world look. I thought it would be a good look for this scene. The scene is an outdoor kitchen and patio that was done in a Spanish style, which is highlighted by the fireplace. The arched door is from an old adobe structure that the owner rescued and has as an entrance. The setting is Los Angeles where you have many evenings and nights to enjoy family and friends under the stars. At the center of this art print is the table itself, thus the name. To extend the usage of the space, the fireplace creates enough heat to enjoy sitting down to a gathering almost year round. Thoughts?

I invite you to visit my Gardens Gallery to enjoy this print and many more.

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47 thoughts on “Garden Table – Featured Art Print

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Thank you very much…..I will accept the award with great appreciation! I am currently traveling…..more photo shoots😀…and will look at it next week when I am back in town!! Thank you very much!!

  1. Suzy Hazelwood

    Wow, what a lovely piece of art! I would certainly love to sit in that garden at that table to eat breakfast or a lazy afternoon lunch. Something like that is only in my imagination at the moment as I have a very small flat with no garden…I shall dream on with your wonderful art!!! 😀

    I was looking at your Gardens Gallery and was wondering if you would be interested in having one of your pieces of art featured in an online literary magazine of mine? I have four issues published, and so far have only arranged front cover images with some very talented photographers, but I’m very keen to find artists too. The beautiful art image I’m most interested in is this one

    Please do take a look at the website so you can see for yourself what kind of magazine it is.

    It’s free to read and the aim is to help promote writers, photographers, artists and spoken word artists all over the internet, to highlight where they can be found. I can give you links to your blog here and also links to where you sell your art.

    I’m aware some artists are not so agreeable to having their artwork published anywhere other than their own websites, so if it’s not the kind of thing you’d want for your art, please don’t hesitate to say no, I really won’t mind.
    Suzy 🙂

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      I took a look at your magazine…very nice! I don’t have problem using my art as long as there is a link back to my website. A link to the blog is also appreciated, but it’s the link to the website I really want. What can I do to help facilitate?

      1. Suzy Hazelwood

        Thanks very much Kirt, that will be wonderful, it is such a gorgeous piece of art!! 🙂

        Oh yes, I can assure you the artist/photographer always gets more than one link at the top of the page with their image and I also make a special mention of them in my short message at the end encouraging readers to visit their website and blog. Everyone involved in each issue has links. I don’t believe in just mentioning names and leaving it at that, I always provide direct links. There are many well respected online literary magazines who never provide links – no excuse for that. The internet is full of links, so why fail to provide them?!!

        There is one thing I will need you to help me with. Most times I just copy and paste images and they are perfect, but your image from ‘The Wall Gallery’ is coming out too small to be used as a header image. The main larger images at the top of the post are inserted as a ‘featured image’ because if posted any other way they wouldn’t show in the boxes when viewing the home page archives – it’s just the way that theme works. They show as much larger than all the other images used in the post, but if the original image is quite small, it reproduces as a tiny image and really doesn’t look right at all. I can’t find a contact sheet on here, I’d send you my email if there was one. Could you send me your email through my contact sheet on my About page? Then I can send you my email and maybe you can send me a larger image that way – unless you have it posted somewhere else where I could get a copy from? Sorry to make it so complicated, but I don’t post email address in comments any more because I get a whole load of spam from that. I hope this is okay for you?

  2. Suzy Hazelwood

    Thanks for your email address Kirt, sorry to trouble you again, but I did send you an email a while back, to arrange a larger image for your art, I’m just wondering if you received it okay? Someone else informed me they didn’t get my email this week, so I think Gmail may have had some problems. If you haven’t, check your spam folder just in case it’s gone into the spam, if not let me know here and I’ll try sending it again.

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Thanks for checking back…..I didn’t receive it and wondered, so checked my spam folder and didn’t see anything in it! Give me a heads up via this method that you are sending it and I will make sure and look for it! Thanks!

      1. Suzy Hazelwood

        Thanks very much for the art image Kirt, problem solved, absolutely perfect, it looks amazing!! 🙂 The next issue will be completed and published in the first week of September. As soon as it’s published I’ll get back to you with a link.

        I just realised, your art will be the first image on there that’s garden related. It’s about time The Writing Garden had some garden related images and writing! Thanks so much, I’m sure it will be enjoyed by the readers, and spread the knowledge of your art and photography talents a little further! 🙂

      2. Suzy Hazelwood

        I will certainly keep you in mind Kirt. I have plans to revisit writers, artists and photographers whose work has previously appeared in The Writing Garden. It may be a while, but I certainly hope to do that. Thanks for the offer!! 🙂

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