Airplane Curves – Excerpts from a Photo Shoot

This week’s photo shoot is from the air show I referenced in last week’s photo shoot on the classic cars. The air show was the main attraction, but they also had a classic car competition, thus the shots last week. I’m kind of following the same venue with another classic era shoot in that I love the lines and sculpted curves on airplanes. I especially appreciate the look on the older models and always seek that “artistic” way of capturing shots.

From that perspective, I am focusing on one plane in particular from that show as it represents all of the classic elements I seek in photographing airplanes. As I did last week, I am attaching each shot in color and then again in black and white. The black and white really pulls out a vintage aspect in each of the photographs. (If anyone recognizes what model this particular classic is, let me know. I was thinking it was a DC-3, which was one of the initial work horses in passenger aviation, but those had single tails and this has a twin tail.)

Airplanes Curves 1

Airplanes Curves 1

This first shot is on the tarmac and the pilot is going through his pre-flight routine before firing up the engines.

Airplane Curves 2

Airplane Curves 2

Same shot in black and white. Creates a vintage look, but also focuses the eye on the lines and curves of the nose and engines.

Airplanes Curves 3

Airplanes Curves 3

This next shot is the plane taxing out to the runway.

Airplane Curves 4

Airplane Curves 4

Again, the black and white makes it look like a picture right out of aviation history. You can almost imagine the passengers waiving good-bye through the windows (love the curtains!).

Airplane Curves 5

Airplane Curves 5

The last shot is the plane doing a low-level flyover before heading out to the other end of the Phoenix metro area to an airport over there that houses a number the old classic airplanes.

Airplane Curves 6

Airplane Curves 6

The black and white photograph looks like a postcard from an airline in that era… Thoughts?

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