Car Curves – Excerpts from a Photo Shoot

This week’s photo shoot comes from an air show I attended last weekend. As part of the activities there was also a classic car competition. I love restored classic cars from an aesthetic viewpoint. It seems that “back in the day” automakers almost sculpted the lines and curves on cars. Fenders weren’t just part of the side, they were a statement to themselves. Let’s not forget the front grille, they weren’t just a ventilation system for the engine; they were a calling card about what the car stood for. Was it a muscle car exuding power or a luxury car selling that sleek curvy look?

From my perspective, the lines and curves of those great classic cars are an artistic opportunity. I try and shoot elements of the car to tell a story. With that being said, I have attached three separate shots in color and black and white. They both bring different elements to a photograph and tell different stories. The last two shots are not as dramatic between the two as both of those cars were black to begin with.

Car Curves 1

Car Curves 1

This first shot is a beauty. Look at the color and the pristine condition. I love the curve of the fender up against the curve of the hood. The shine is so clear; you can see the photographer in a reflection on the hood taking the shot.

Car Curves 2

Car Curves 2

Same shot in black and white. Since there isn’t any color to pull the eye, the lines stand out more. The grille is sleek conforming to the curves of the fender and hood.

Car Curves 3

Car Curves 3

This shot is a classic for me; I so remember this grille as a kid. It has a strong, sinister look that I know the automaker looked at as a statement of a powerful engine, but to a kid it looked like something coming down the road that could swallow you whole.

Car Curves 5

Car Curves 5

Same shot in black and white. There isn’t much difference, since the car is black and I’m not pleased with my composition. I know I was trying to cut out a person that was in the frame on the right side of the car, but the end result still needed to be symmetrical from this perspective. Not one I will use, but wanted to at least show the massive death grinning grille.

Car Curves 5

Car Curves 5

The last shot is a focus on the headlight and bumper. The bumper looks like it’s packing a torpedo; can anyone say “James Bond”?

Car Curves 6

Car Curves 6

Again the black and white isn’t much different since the car was black to begin with, but it pulls the eye to the curves and contrast between the chrome and black.


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20 thoughts on “Car Curves – Excerpts from a Photo Shoot

  1. Josh Wrenn

    Awesome. I love classic cars, but I’m no photographer, so I have about a thousand pictures of them from the last show I was at on my phone, but none I’d display on a wall or anything. Yours cross into the art category and would look great framed and hanging somewhere classy.

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Thanks Josh, I appreciate the compliment! I prefer angles, so that aspect was me…what you didn’t see (as you would know) is all the large placards on the windshield and just getting a shot without someone in the frame is always challenging! Thanks again!!

  2. carentaylor

    I’m not really a car fan, though your wonderful photography captures lots of character on and around the cars, especially the way the light and shadows wrap around the curves and contours- what an awesome menacing grille too! Also I’d like to thank you so much for continuing to return and explore my site, it is a pleasure to see your new posts every time Kirt !! 🙂

  3. lorriebowden

    I love the photos, Kirt! The one with the killer grin reminds me of Bruce…the shark in Nemo who decides he’s “having fish tonight!” I love how you show us many things…with the same photograph. Thanks…you teach me to look for more than meets the eye! 🙂 ❤

  4. Nancy

    Loved your pictures of the classic cars. I enjoy when a classic is shown for it’s beauty. YOU CAPTURED that beauty very well. Oh and that grille would have sent me running as a kid… but not now. I would have been standing in front taking pictures just like you!
    I take photos of ols trucks. There are quite a few here in Arizona. I particularly like them old and rusted parked way out in the desert… just waiting for a blonde to come by and talk to it. HA HA HA … That would be me. HA HA HA
    One day I will make a post on all the trucks I have photographed.
    THANK YOU for sharing yours beautiful pictures. And thank you for stopping by my blog. ~Nancy

  5. Sue Slaght

    These are fantastic Kirt. I’m picking the color shots over black and white. th second car wit hit’s ferocious teeth and the third with it’s torpedoes loaded do tell stories just at a glance. Fabulous photos and i have been studying the angles you have used .Very interesting captures and variety.


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