Super Bowl Forty Nine – Excerpts from a Photo Shoot

Todays post is what I call a “fun” post…nothing deep, nothing earth shattering. If you’re not a football fan, I am going to lose you right here…. unless you like architecture.

It’s no secret that I live in the Phoenix area and that the Super Bowl is here this year, along with the Pro Bowl that was played last Sunday night. In honor of all the activity and festivities going on in the valley here, I thought I would include a series of shots I took last Saturday of the University of Phoenix Stadium as it was getting the final touches for both games. It wasn’t an intentional photo shoot, as we were actually headed to a hot air balloon festival (shots from that next week).

Super Bowl 49 #1

Super Bowl 49 #1

We were driving by the stadium in Glendale and decided to stop at one of the restaurants in the Westgate Entertainment District, which sits right across the street from the football stadium. The entire area was hopping with activity as you can imagine. The Gila River Arena, which is home of the Phoenix Coyotes Hockey Team is also part of this complex. (Do I have non-football folks interested again?) The entire area is very pedestrian friendly and since I have never had the good fortune to be that close to a stadium that was getting decked out for a Super Bowl, we walked over to it so I could grab some shots! It’s a massive stadium and takes over the landscape.

Super Bowl 49 #2

Super Bowl 49 #2


I remember when it was first built and I happen to be flying through Phoenix from San Diego to Washington, DC on business. As we descended into the metropolitan area, I noticed this huge dome building off in the distance. What an impressive site due to its shear size. It opened in August of 2006 after 3 years of construction. Unlike any other stadium in North America, it has a retractable roof and field. The seating capacity expands to over 72,000 seats and is home to the National Football League’s Arizona Cardinals and the annual college football Fiesta Bowl.

Super Bowl 49 #3

Super Bowl 49 #3

Notice the “skin” of the building. It lights up at night for these games. I saw it on TV watching the pro bowl….very colorful.

Super Bowl 49 #4

Super Bowl 49 #4

These arches also light up at night with bright pulsating colors. The amount of work that goes into preparing a site like this is incredible. There were tons of workers in the complex putting the finishing touches on.

Super Bowl 49 #5

Super Bowl 49 #5

Security was being tightened up with these concrete barriers being moved into place. I also had security approach me as I was apparently walking across an empty parking lot that was not to be walked on….what I don’t try for the “shot”.

Super Bowl 49 #6

Super Bowl 49 #6

So there you have it…just a “fun” photo shoot of an amazing structure!!

I have also made it through the blog without voicing an opinion on who I am rooting for. You have to realize, my wife and I both take football very seriously and have raised our girls to appreciate the sport (yes, we have even been in Fantasy Football for years…. OK, I  have only won once and maybe I ended up in the basement this year….). All of that said, we seem to have lived in cities that have NFL Teams (Denver, San Diego, Seattle and now Phoenix). In each city, we have been loyal fans win or lose. It does get tough when these teams play each other. I’ll just leave it there….thoughts?

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17 thoughts on “Super Bowl Forty Nine – Excerpts from a Photo Shoot

      1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

        This is a great division and the Cardinals have stepped it up last year to this….unfortunate that Palmer got hurt. We have been Charger fans for 20+ years and have painfully watched that train wreck. The AFC west only has the Broncos and that went south! I come back to the NFC west division and all of the teams in this division can do some damage….even the Rams! All of that said…it was fun living up in Seattle last year while our house was being built here! That city is definitely behind their hawks 😃

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