Sidewalk and Palms – Featured Art Print

To start 2015 off, I wanted to feature an Art Print that said “warm”. Most of this part of the planet is in a deep freeze currently and even with the look of sunshine and warmth during the Rose Bowl Parade yesterday, let’s not kid ourselves…Southern California is cold (in respect to their normal temps). We got pictures from friends of snow in parts of Southern California that in our 24 years living there, we had never seen. Here in Phoenix some of the higher elevation suburbs got snow. I’m not complaining about our chill, a good portion of Canada and US are really cold….so to everyone living in winter’s cold, I am featuring a print I call “Sidewalk and Palms” from my Color Photography One Gallery. I feel the air warming up already! Feel that gentle warm breeze blowing off the lake as you walk in that warm sunshine enjoying nature!

Ok bubble bursting time…perfection doesn’t exist anywhere…I shot that picture in 110 degree heat last summer. I was sweating to death as I did that particular photo shoot, but let’s be honest…it looks inviting.  🙂

Happy New Year and here’s to a great 2015!!

I invite you to come into the gallery to view the addition of new art prints to the collection in Color Photography.

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29 thoughts on “Sidewalk and Palms – Featured Art Print

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      And we’re grumbling of the cold here 🙂 My wife’s cousin in Cedar Rapids sent us a shot of her thermometer the other day…0 degrees….brrr… Thanks Kim!!

  1. Elaine

    Oh I love that picture. Made me feel a tad warmer here in Wisconsin where we are expecting snow and the weather is going to turn very cold afterward, brrrrrrrrrr

  2. trotter387

    In the UK its the lower temperatures and damp that chills to the bone – your images inspire an aspirational journey – flight of fancy

    Have a good year

  3. The Cat

    I’m looking out on a few inches of snow and then looking back at Sidewalks and Palms just to warm up.

    Excellent picture and blog. I enjoyed browsing and getting myself up to date with your blog after discovering it when you followed me. Thanks for the blog and thanks for following mine.


    The Cat

  4. The Cat

    Oh thank you. But you have to remember that we felines have perfect balance, well except when we fall off things, like walls, but happily our PR is such that those incidents are easily papered over.

    Have a great evening/day wherever you are.


    The Cat

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      I like the analogy – we have 2 part Main Coons…I love to watch the larger one try and jump to heights that her mind thinks she should be able to do, but her body creates too much drag…:) Phoenix area…so day is appropriate! Thanks!!

  5. The Cat

    I love Main Coons they are such regal Cats. Drag when launching oneself into the air can be a real problem, happily we Cats almost always land as gracefully as toast, butter side up.

    We are in Prague Czech republic and it is 18.11 here, dark, snowy and cold. But tomorrow is another day happily.

    Have a grand day.


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