Joy and Peace – Featured Art Print

As I have mentioned and discussed on this blog, I do custom work for clients either tweaking one of my existing prints (Bougainvillea post as an example) or create a new print for a specific request. A client contacted me a couple of weeks ago about one of my prints in the Inspiration Gallery titled: Joy and Peace. I created this print by using an art print from my Floral Still/Life Gallery of orange poppies (featured in a prior blog) with a prayer of mine as an overlay. Attached is a copy of the print I am talking about.


What the client wanted was the same thing only with red poppies. They also asked to have the verbiage changed from joy and peace to peace and joy. No problem, I responded. I have attached the result of that request below.

In changing the poppies to red, the current color glow around the flowers just didn’t work. I chose purple for a couple of reasons; one being that it looked good with the red and the client loved it and the other is that it does carry some symbolism within the church.

Whenever I finish a custom print, I always study it next to the original to see if what I had done improved the original enough to replace it. In looking at both of these prints, I frankly was at a loss. I liked the red a lot, but also liked the orange, so I present them both to you. Thoughts?


I invite you to come into the gallery to view the addition of art prints to the collection in the Inspiration Gallery.

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11 thoughts on “Joy and Peace – Featured Art Print

  1. Miia

    Sorry but I prefer the orange 😉 ! I think it is more subtle and elegant. But, the client is the king and if he/she has is happy, then perfect!!

  2. olganm

    They are both beautiful. I also love purple. I can see why you like them both. If I may put it that way, the second one seems more joyful to me and the first one more peaceful…


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