Mountain Meadow Lake – Featured Art Print

Today’s featured art print is titled: “Mountain Meadows”. It is a new addition to my Abstract Watercolor Gallery. I chose an abstract approach to a landscape scene to soften the look of the final piece. I used muted colors and strong suggestive lines to create the framework of the scene.

Mountain Meadow Lake

Mountain Meadow Lake

At first glance, you may not be too sure just what you are looking at, but then you recognize the suggestive outlines of hills, trees and grass. You see a smooth area, which you now see as a lake or pond. Your eye is pulled into the print trying to figure it out. The abstract approach creates some different elements in a print. It uses a different methodology presenting a picture. If it were a true impressionistic approach, the shapes and colors are more about evoking a response or an emotion versus portraying accurate detail. I like that approach with free form shapes and bold colors. Another approach to abstract art prints is a subtler look such as the featured art print. A specific scene is being depicted but without the detail found in a photograph or a typical art print. It is more suggestive of the subject matter letting your mind fill in the blanks.

I have two abstract galleries, one done in oil techniques and one done using watercolor techniques. They both use the same basic premise, but the results are different because the elements are created in two distinctly different ways. The oil techniques typically produce bolder, stronger looks and the watercolor techniques create softer looks using more subtle methods. They both have their place in an interior design depending on the look you are going for. Thoughts?


I invite you to come into the gallery to view the addition of art prints to the collection in Abstract Watercolor Gallery.

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14 thoughts on “Mountain Meadow Lake – Featured Art Print

  1. DarLynn Creations

    Just dropping by to say that you do beautiful work. Watercolor is not easy to work with, this looks so effortless! Thanks for following my blog as well and showing support of my posts! Take care! Lisa


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