Pacific Sunset – Featured Art Print

My last post was focused on capturing the beauty of a sunrise. This post focuses on the beauty of a sunset. Just by chance, I had just added some new art prints to my Abstract Oil Gallery. I had just finished with a series of abstract sunsets and I chose to feature one of them titled “Pacific Sunset”. This is an art print done in an impasto oil style, which is known for large bold brush strokes and bold colors.

The setting is a sunset over the Pacific Ocean along the coastline in Carlsbad, California, which is located in the northern part of San Diego County. I tried to capture the essence of the explosion of color that occurs during spectacular sunsets. In this rendition, I focused on the blues, reds, oranges and golden hues of the sky after the sun has slipped below the horizon. The colors change so rapidly and wanted to present the sky as the light starts to fade and the dark night sky creeps in. I put this print in my Abstract Gallery because of the bold shapes and color that were used to create the full picture. The dramatic color and large brush strokes steal the attention, but to add a little balance, I pull your attention to the specific detail I captured along the horizon of the land. This helps to delineate between the land, ocean and sky. You see just a small sliver of ocean reflecting the colors from the clouds. Thoughts?


I invite you to come into the gallery to view the addition of Christmas Cards to the collection in Abstract Oil Gallery

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18 thoughts on “Pacific Sunset – Featured Art Print

  1. CopperLeaf Treasures

    OMG – how beautiful. I just sneaked (I always want to say “snuck”) a look at your still life gallery. Kirt – the talent and the fun you express in your paintings is just so, so, so I can’t think of the words to say – beautiful, alive, animated, gorgeous, outrageous – OK so I thought of a few. Have to start saving my nickles and dimes – I have a feeling I’ll be having a Kirt Tisdale piece of art in my living room one day.

    These pieces though – I can see and feel the sunset and the ocean spray. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  2. writersdream9

    Kirt, I used to not “get” abstract but now I actually prefer it because there’s a kind of message in it.I guess my ignorance about art is shining through. 😀 I really love your work! ❤

  3. roweeee

    Kirt, I really loved them both. I have been watching a lot of sunsets over the stillwater side of Palm Beach, Sydney and love watching and photographing the reflection of the sunset and clouds for that matter over the water so I’ve experienced what you’re talking about. I appreciated hearing how you constructed the works. Very interesting.

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