Simplicity in Red and Gold – Featured Art Print

This week I am featuring art prints from my Floral/Still Life Collection. The collection includes a number of prints done in a variety of watercolor and oil techniques to create a range of different looks. I’m starting the week with a still life art print titled: “Simplicity in Red and Gold”. It’s a print of a red vase and a gold pitcher. Simple enough. I combined these two elements using an abstract watercolor technique that focuses on drawing simple lines and using bold colors. The inspiration behind the objects came from a red glass vase we have and the gold pitcher is based on a ceramic piece my mom did 50 plus years ago. I grew up seeing it displayed in our house. When my mom passed away, I asked for this piece to keep it setting around in our house for my kids to enjoy and appreciate something their grandmother had made. Using this type of technique and the subject matter created a very clean and contemporary art print. The drawn lines create the shapes and the bright colors pull your eye into the scene. I created it with a modern contemporary décor in mind, but in actuality depending on how the print is matted and framed really dictates the type of interior design this print compliments. Thoughts?

I invite you to come into the gallery to view the collection in Floral/Still Life.

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9 thoughts on “Simplicity in Red and Gold – Featured Art Print

  1. MichelleMarie

    I love that you based this on a piece your mom did 50 years ago. That explains where the artist gift comes from. I apologize for not getting over to your blog more then I do. My job literally has been so much lately today is the first day I’ve been caught up in 2 years. So I wanted to see your blog and your art work and photos are superb! You are very talented Kirk!

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      The artistry does come from my Mom. Out of 4 siblings my sister and I share in the gift. Out of our 3, our middle one has the visualization aspect which she uses in her job as a TV producer. My sister has 1 out of her 3 that just graduated from San Diego State with an art major. Thanks again!


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