Red Rock Cactus – Featured Art Print

The final featured art print for the week from my Landscape Watercolor Collection is “Red Rock Cactus”. It jumps right out there with a bold colorful look. The setting is near Phoenix with the many red rock outcroppings prominent in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. A prominent saguaro cactus and two smaller ones frame the scene. The print has a typical American Southwest look, but I wanted a little more of a punch. The technique I used is more of an abstract approach creating a bold modern look. I started by outlining the detail of the scene and then filled in using abstract shapes of color. This technique keeps the intricate detail of the foreground, cactus and rocks, but adds simple bold shapes of blue to create a sky effect. The simplicity and colors of the blue creates drama in the print and accents the strong red of the rock outcropping. Your eye is drawn to the red rock which has more detail than the sky, but less than the cactus and foreground. Moving into those elements, the detail and softer colors of green finish the framing of the central subject, the red rocks. If you really drilled down into the color pattern of the cactus and foreground, you would actually see the same color shapes, but the drawing of detail keeps the shapes confined within distinct borders. I loved the setting of the scene and wanted to present something that had a bolder more contemporary look to it. Thoughts?

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8 thoughts on “Red Rock Cactus – Featured Art Print

  1. MichelleMarie

    I believed you achieved the contemporary look I love the bold blue and the detail in the cactus is amazing! Your photos are a work of art all by themselves….what you do with them is amazing!


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