Bougainvillea in the Courtyard – Featured Art Print

For today’s featured art print, I chose a print I completed just last week titled “Bougainvillea in the Courtyard”. It’s from the same photo shoot I mentioned in my last art print feature with The Spanish Fountain. The style I used on this print is an impasto oil technique that emphasizes bold brush strokes and bright colors. The bold brush strokes create texture and dimension to the print. The bright colors reinforce the color of the flowering plant life, the brick and stucco of the courtyard. The bright flowers from a Bougainvillea are so striking, so in creating this print, I wanted to stay true to the brilliance of the color. I also liked the presentation of this scene. You have the hint of the courtyard in the left part of the print, with the Bougainvillea dominating the right half. It becomes the focal point of the as the delicate blooms of color pull your eye around the entire print. Because of this movement, you become aware of further depth in the scene. The elements work together as you study the scene further. You notice the way the trees provide a backdrop to the setting and a canopy over the courtyard. Your eye notices the brick pavers of the courtyard merging into the hint of a wooden bridge. Where does that bridge go and what does it go over? You are teased with a hint of a large beautiful courtyard, but get just a portion of the whole thing. The side of the courtyard in this scene does create a sense of beauty and peace representative of the entire courtyard. I hope you enjoy the print. Thoughts?

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7 thoughts on “Bougainvillea in the Courtyard – Featured Art Print

  1. lorriebowden

    Stunning!!! I love “Bougie’s” my very childish name for them. They run rampant all over south Florida….very hardy…very beautiful. The color is mangnificent! Beautiful, Kirt! ❤


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