The Spanish Fountain – Featured Art Print

“The Spanish Fountain” is the art print I wanted to feature today from my Gardens Collection.  The print is of a Spanish style fountain in the middle of a beautiful courtyard. The style I used on this print is an impasto oil technique that emphasizes bold brush strokes and bright colors. The bold brush strokes create texture and dimension to the print. The bright colors reinforce the color of the plant life, the tile and the stucco of the courtyard. The courtyard is located in Cave Creek, Arizona. It is a scene I captured on a photo shoot over Fathers Day that I shared in a prior blog. From that photo shoot, the only shots I had worked on were for my Sepia Collection, which were the old carriages and wagons lining the street of this old western town. Within that area, was this large courtyard used for private functions. It definitely had the feel of a courtyard belonging to a large adobe ranch house.

What prompted this particular process of creation was an email from a client looking for something specific. With what they described, I immediately thought of this shoot and this courtyard. That started a chain reaction as I looked at this setting and the results were a few new art prints for the Gardens Collection, a happy client and a happy artist.

I love courtyards as they typically transport you away from the outside world into an inner sanctum. They are usually very quiet and tranquil with the water from a fountain as the only soothing noise to be heard. I love the plant life in this particular courtyard with the bougainvillea adding bright patches of red and the trees creating shade from the desert sun. I hope you enjoy the print.

I invite you to come into the gallery to view the collection in Gardens.

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11 thoughts on “The Spanish Fountain – Featured Art Print

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  2. LaVancia Phoenix

    I might not be all “hip” with the photography lingo; however, I know what I like and THIS is something I absolutely love! Wonderful artistry!

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Thank you very much, I appreciate the kind words. I’m with you in that I either like it or not and at that point the technical aspect just doesn’t matter. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it!


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