The First Snowfall – Excerpts From a Photo Shoot

The excerpts from a photo shoot I want to share today are from the first snowfall in Seattle last year. It was the first week of December and very welcomed by us having lived in San Diego for many years. Yes, I know it’s August and here I am posting snowfall pictures, but our friends down under can appreciate it, as this is their winter. J Each week, I go through different photo shoots to determine what I want to blog about. This week was a no brainer for me, as I have been working with pictures from this shoot for the last few weeks. A fellow blogger had asked me about Christmas cards from my Note Card Collection. I had responded that I had done a private selection last year for family and friends, but hadn’t thought about putting anything up for this year. To be honest when you are in 107-degree temperatures day in and day out, Christmas seems like a life away. Yet, the request was enough to start my mind thinking back to a series of shots I took while we lived in Seattle last year of the first snowfall, which led me to revisit that shoot and start working with it. From that, I came across these two shots and wanted to share them as I created two prints I will be putting into my Landscape Oil collection.

The setting is a paved path on the campus of a junior college near where we were. Following my prior blogs of getting numerous shots and playing with depth and composition, I narrowed it down to these two shots to work with. Taking each shot as a basis, I used an oil painting technique to create the final prints.

1st SnowFall #1

1st Snowfall #1

The first two pictures are the original shots. I took both from the same position with 1st Snowfall #1 being a normal range composition.

1st Snow Fall #2

1st Snowfall #2

For 1st Snowfall #2, I have not moved an inch, but zoomed in slightly to play with the framing of the shot. As a reference point, look at the electrical poles in both pictures. OK, two shots from same location and they look very similar, yet look at the slight difference in lighting. This element plays a large part in the final art prints as it creates two very different looks to the same setting.

1st Snow Fall #3

1st Snowfall #3

1st Snowfall #3 creates an element with a longer path winding its way through a forest. The light dusting of snow is still evident, but the colors of the woods become more prominent.

1st Snow Fall #4

1st Snowfall #4

1st Snowfall #4 creates the illusion of coming out of a darker forest into a bright meadow where the anticipation of a snow-covered landscape becomes more prominent.

In summary, sometimes it is the little things that make a difference and this is another example of having multiple shots to work with for your final product. Thoughts?

(On a side note, the shots I will be using for the Christmas cards have much more snow involved then these two shots as this area was protected from most of the accumulation.)

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16 thoughts on “The First Snowfall – Excerpts From a Photo Shoot

  1. JF

    Thank you for teaching! I was in my college’s ski team in Moscow and in winter we often trained at -30 C. Today I hate cold and love snow outside warm room or on pictures! 😉


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