Victoria Harbour Sunset – Featured Art Print

The art print I wanted to feature today is from my Lighthouse/Nautical Collection titled “Victoria Harbour Sunset”.  The print is of the sun setting over Victoria Harbour with fishing boats docked in the foreground. . It is done with a traditional watercolor technique highlighting the golden hues of the setting sun as it reflects off of the water. The foreground captures the look of this region with two fishing boats silhouetted against the brilliant sunset. The hills themselves across the harbor also become layered silhouettes, keeping the sun as the focus of the art print.

Victoria, British Columbia on Vancouver Island is home to what I believe one of the most beautiful harbours. The harbour is a very active body of water accommodating boat traffic (fishing, private and ferry) and a seaport for airplanes. It’s not unusual to see a seaplane take off with a sailboat in the foreground of your line of sight. Victoria itself is a beautiful city as it retains its Victorian charm and elegance. It is home of the famous Fairmont Empress Hotel with its renowned afternoon tea, keeping the Victorian traditional alive. The Empress faces the inner harbour and the scene depicted in this print is in front of the hotel down by the water. The inner harbour is ringed by a two-tier waterfront walkway frequented by tourist, entertainers and musicians. Just around the bend in the inner harbour from the Empress Hotel is another famous landmark, the British Columbia Parliament Buildings that were built in 1893. At night the buildings are lit up by over 3300 light bulbs. Since an art print represents just a moment in time, I thought the setting sun over the harbour with the fishing boats relayed the beauty of the region. Thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “Victoria Harbour Sunset – Featured Art Print

  1. Sue Slaght

    Kirt I definitely agree that Victoria is an amazing city and the harbors there so beautiful. Your sunset capture truly illustrates the beauty. I like the layering effect of sky, mountains, forest and water.


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