Dock On The Lake – Excerpts From a Photo Shoot

The excerpts from a photo shoot I want to share today are of a dock on a lake. On a photo shoot from a few months ago, I took numerous shots that I started sharing last week. The shoot was around a small lake near our house. The focus this week is the dock on the lake.

I have attached three photographs of this dock. The point of discussion is the variety of shots you can get centered on the same subject matter. Each of these shots has a different look and tells a different story, yet is of the same dock on the same lake.

Dock on the Lake 1

Dock on the Lake 1

The first shot gives you a point of reference of the dock as it pertains to the lake. You get a feel for the size of the dock and the general feel of the lake. The dock itself isn’t large, nor is it one of many. From this perspective, the dock is center of the frame, but what really becomes the focal point. Is it the lights along the path, the hill in the background or the dock? As you look at the composition of this shot it encompasses all of these elements….again, no right or wrong depending on what you want to portray.

Dock on the Lake 2

The second shot zooms in on the dock. The benches on the dock become more prominent, but so do the homes on the surrounding shoreline. The composition of this shot has the dock with benches front and center. It also has the same hill in the background and homes along the shoreline…again, no right or wrong depending on what you want to portray.

Dock on the Lake 3

Dock on the Lake 3

The third shot puts the framing vertical instead of horizontal. One of the benches takes center stage and the lights on the dock become more of an important element.

All three photographs are well composed, but tell different stories. I put this out there as food for thought as you are taking photographs and trying to figure out what you want the final result to say. By taking numerous shots from different angles, it gives you a pool of pictures to review and determine which one represents the story you want to tell. As a side note a couple of these shots looked better in a black and white format due to the elements within the shot….any idea which two? Thoughts?

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7 thoughts on “Dock On The Lake – Excerpts From a Photo Shoot

  1. Sue Slaght

    That is a great tip about taking multiple views Kirt. I will definitely add that to the tool box. I’m going to guess the last two look better in black and white as they have less green to start with? Hopefully I am not wildly incorrect.


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